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Dragon T-34/85

June 17, 2020 · in Armor · · 14 · 1.8K

A little T34 action! I experimented with different weathering effects with this one, mainly working with pigments for mud effects and numerous oil paint weathering techniques applied to get the worn/faded/ground in dirt effect. A few details here and there were added, but the majority of this kit is straight from the box.

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  1. Like the realistic look of your T-34, one of the best I’ve seen no doubt. I’m no tank builder but í can appreciate paint and weather jobs when they are so well done

  2. Very nice result to all the effort and work.

  3. Very realistic looking model.

  4. That's a excellent model, Curt.
    Painting and weathering are amazing!

  5. Very nice overall...
    I think the steel treads should show some sort of what we call "bare-metal." A real tank and/or armor vehicle with treads would show the entire outside with no paint on them. I checked my tank models and they "DO-NOT" show any bare metal areas. I think this is wrong! RJW!

  6. I think The Boss would be very happy with your painting of his tank.

  7. Hello Curt! @CRCsquad That's a great looking T-34!

    Speaking as an ex tanker, I'd agree with Rodney W . about the steel track being silver, at least where it touches the ground. The center-guides should also show silver from going in between each set of roadwheels.

    But if you don't want to do that it's ok, too. When you get new track (US tanks; M48 series, M60 series, and the M1/M1A1 series, all of which I personally served on,) the steel portions are covered with a black tar coating to ward off rust while in storage. Of course, our tanks also have rubber portions I'm NOT a T-34 expert, but it would make sense that they would do the same or something similar.

    At any rate, that is a great T-34; most likely the best I'VE ever seen!


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