Bell OH-58A Kiowa – Esci 1/48

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Following Hughes OH-6A presented here on April, a new Vietnam aeroscout is coming from my bench.
This mid ‘80s scale model by is pretty good although its age.
I got a lot of work inside the cockpit, none the less outside, with an Allison engine taken from the CMK resin set and modified for a Bell machine.
I used Testors enamel colors with artistic oils and chalks as weathering.
As reported in Print Scale decals sheet, the example 68-16761 (callsign 'Inferno 761') of Casper Platoon is taken in 1970, just few months after delivery, so that I chose a semi-gloss finishing.
Following Casper Platoon official website, I got a small diorama according the Landing Zone (LZ) English homebase during Vietnam war.
Pilot from Plus Model.


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  1. Very nice work, Alessandro...your fine detailing could have been "showcased" with some additional photos, however. But it's not too late to edit your article and plug in some more pics for us. 🙂

  2. Very nice work Alessandro, especially considering the age of the kit. Great detailing in the cabin. How did you make your seat harnesses? They look very natural and realistic.

  3. Dear Mike, although it was poorly considered by the crews (and so poorly photographed), I've collected around 100 good pictures of inside and outside details before starting. Seat belts are from Eduard heli generic set. In real life seats were more basic than the kit ones, no paddings indeed (gotten by the civil version 206).

  4. Alessandro, great work! Where did the M-60 MG in the rear seat come from?

  5. Bernard, thanks a lot! M-60 is coming from H-13 Italeri kit, M-16 from Tarmac crew figures, incendiary (orange) and smoke (grey) grenades, ammunition case, intercom, fire extinguisher etc etc are self made

    • Thanks, Alessandro! I've got the kit, and had no idea.. The only others I could think of were in the REAL old Aurora (!) Huey. There's an M-16 in the O-1 Birddog from sometime back. Whatever that company was, the kit was a one hit wonder, as we used to say. Nice work on the "smokes" and the interior in general.
      One of the guys in our club flew these in Kosovo. He's flying for the Baltimore police these days. Probably misses Kosovo!

  6. This looks really nice, a fantastic project, but that finish has to be what was on it the day it arrived in-country. Believe me, things weathered FAST over there.

  7. Good to see a helicopter, Alessandro, and this one is well detailed and displayed. You obviously have a passion for this subject.

  8. Job well done.
    Interesting subject and setting.
    Thanks for sharing it.

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