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HMCS Snowberry (Pennant K166)

July 16, 2015 · in Ships · · 26 · 6K

This is the Flower Class Corvette, HMS Snowberry, although more correctly listed as HMCS Snowberry, as it was one of ten Corvettes lent to the Canadians in 1941 for convoy escort and anti-submarine duties in the North Atlantic.

Details of the ship and its service history are at

This is 's re-boxing of the old kit, upgraded as a 'Platinum Edition', for the inclusion of a large etch fret and laser-cut wooden decking. In , it's a large model, with a length of about 87cm (34.5 inches). The principal colour used here is Tamiya Royal Light Grey, with the hull mottled in yellow, green, and brown under light coats of Tamiya Dull Red. Although I've seen various versions of this model with either red or black hulls, I've opted for the RN anti-fouling red rather than the bitumen-based black used by the RCN on ships built in Canada. The Western Approaches Green and WA Blue were mixed from Humbrol enamels.

With the photos of the completed build, I include here a few build images. For more details, there's a WIP thread at

Although the weathering looks extreme, the archive image here of another Corvette on convoy demonstrates the standard level of wear and hardship these ships and crews endured in the North Atlantic.

The model here depicts the ship in May, 1943, just before her (much needed) second major refit.

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  1. You're a fast worker, Rob, it seems like only yesterday that your WIP first appeared. I think your weathering has worked a treat on this one, very convincing.

  2. I dig the duck...and the rust... and all of it.

  3. Ruddy hell Rob, what a rusty old tub you have built mate.
    Looks quite good, severely weathered, most convoy boats took a hammering from the elements.
    Well done sir.

  4. Rob, fantastic! All that in three weeks! Really eyecatching, and marvelous details, like the bunting tossers position.

    • Thanks, Bernard. The signal flags are letter flags G-Q-C-J which was the Snowberry's call sign. I happened across the detail on a Canadian Navy reference site.

  5. "...but the men are the stars of the story. The only heroines are the ships: the only villain, the cruel sea itself".

    Rob, your model could represent the Compass Rose, the "heroine" from the classic flower class novel "The Cruel Sea". If you haven't read the book then try to watch the movie, it's a favorite of mine. I can't believe you built this in such a short time, I've had my Matchbox version since 1980 and after a fit of starts, it's still on my workbench. Wonderful work on the "rust" it looks like it's in need of a good yard period, super job!

    • Cheers, Mike. I appreciate the comment. I of course know The Cruel Sea, with Noel Coward in the film version, dismissed at the time as a propaganda film, but has
      come to hold a more respected place in the canon over time.

      Not sure how many versions of this kit were released. Mine had markings for Snowberry and Campanula, but signage on the sprue for two or three other class types not referred to in the paperwork. This 'Platinum Version' was released in 2012, but clearly a much older core kit, as you say.

  6. Just superb work. The weathering is great.

  7. Very nice! I can't fathom how you got that done in 3 weeks - retired? I've spent over 3 weeks doing the stencil decals on my 1/72 Mig-31 (and probably have weeks to go yet)!

  8. Lots of "heart and soul" reflected in this endeavor...well done, sir.

  9. Looks great Rob. Love the weathering.

  10. Greetings :
    Very exceptional work there Rob. Your time and dedication towards this build can be seen and in someway FELT. Thank you for the pictures.

  11. Thanks. These ships (all ships?) have a visceral quality, and the weathering brings out their character, like lines on a human face. Thanks for looking.

  12. Nice build Rob, impressive weathering. It definitely looks like its been through the wars!

  13. Impressive build, Rob. This kit rides high on my wishlist, since ...since...
    Anyway. Great work 🙂

    • Thanks, Bernd. With so many people knowing about or even owning this kit, it's surprising we don't see more builds, but it may be that its size overwhelms the initial project enthusiasm.

  14. All i can say is Wow! Rob. beautiful detailing and weathering.

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