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Sea Harrier BAe Systems Airfix 1/48

October 10, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 Comments

Hi all , well it's been a while since I posted anything so I thought I would share my latest completed project with you that I finished a month or so ago.

It is the quite old Sea , I'm not sure how old the mould is but it has raised panel lines so I'm guessing 80's maybe. I added a resin seat from Neomega and an aftermarket decal sheet from Hannants which bumped this already nice kit up a level .

For me the only really tricky part of this build was getting the Grey /White paint line really straight over that complicated shape especially round the engine area and the nozzles.

A friend of mine is working on the Kinetic SeaHarrier and that is far and away a better kit but for an enjoyable and much cheaper build if you happen across one like I did at a club day it is a good option however I recommend you invest in a Resin seat as the kit option is poor unless you are including the pilot figure.

On the work bench is my Motorhead He111 and an Avia S 1-99 (IAF obviously)

Cheers guys Neil.

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18 responses

  1. Very nice build, Neil @neil-foster
    In the end the demarcation looks very straight and well aligned.
    Well done.

  2. Cheers John, Demarcation that's the word I was trying to think of...!

  3. Exclent build, my friend Neil!
    Yes, the demarcation line looks sharp!
    I have built this kit in the past (the allover extra dark sea gray scheme, that I personally love the most) and totally agree with your views and recommendations.

  4. Beautiful work as always, my friend! Good to see you back!

  5. You did the old girl proud, Neil (@neil-foster). Old Airfix kits (especially 1/48 scale) still make a nice model with some TLC. I did my master's thesis on the Falkland War, so I always have a soft-spot for Harriers. Well done.

  6. Super Sea Harrier!

  7. Turned out great, Neil! That’s my favorite Harrier variant. I think that kit came out right after the Falklands, Maybe ‘83? I built it as soon as I saw it at the local shop.

  8. Great Harrier, Neil, good to see you posting again, definitely liked.

    • Thanks George, I've not stopped posting but my output has slowed to an almost glacial pace due to work and looking after my garden in the summer but Autumn/winter is back so I think my building will increase.

  9. A solid-looking Harrier build! I know what you mean about getting straight lines on curved surfaces...what a pain! Well done.

    • Cheers Greg , yeah the demarcation line took a few attempts before I commited to paint but apart from being a bit low inside the engine inlet it looks O.K. , glad you're well buddy.

  10. Nice looking Harrier!

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