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Put it on a pedestal

July 28, 2015 · in Aviation · 9 · 1.5K

The center console on C-2s and E-2s is called the "Pedestal" it has throttle, propeller condition levers, avionics and radio controls, flaps, gear and arresting hook. The one in the kit is adequate, especially given what will be seen once the fuselage is closed, but having spent hundreds of hours mucking about with and repairing things on and in the pedestal, I had to detail it up, including clear gear handle and hook handle, which on the real aircraft have lights in them. And tonights brew...well a local brewery and you gotta laugh at the name. Quite good though Bobba says thumbs up!

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  1. Hi Rob, I always enjoy reading your articles, and you are obviously really going to town with this one, I'm sure it will turn out great. Have you ever thought about posting your work in progress articles in the Groups section on iModeler, that way people who are really interested can follow your work more easily. Just a thought.

  2. Nice detail work there, Rob (and Bobba Fett)...but I think I'll pass on havin' a brew with ya. 🙁

  3. I was thinking that was 1/48, until I saw the penny - is it really 1/72? If so - NICE! (well - nice either way, but REALLY nice if 1/72!)

  4. bunghole...double brown?

  5. Greg, It is 1/48 for the kinetic kit, and yes George I have been thinking in progress may be the better way to post the, progress pictures! As to the ale, you can only get it at the restaurant attached to the brewery, the guy and I were both laughing when he rang up my two bottles "Two bungholes, I just can't say that without laughing" he said!

  6. Good grief! I was wondering if there was a beer-of-the-week club, and that you were in it. I was going to ask about membership, so consider the commercial potential! What could you say when you're going to the... restaurant, yeah, that's it!
    Where is this place? Do they have t-shirts? I have an image to maintain, after all.

  7. LOL it is the Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company in Snoqualmie Falls Washington, about 45 minutes east of Seattle, great taproom, food and beer!

  8. OK Rob I'm guilty of passing your post by several times thinking you were
    building a little space guy. But now that I have slowed my self down and really taken a look. Holly Molly what a great job you have done with the control pedestal arrangement for your C/E. Where ever you decide to post more results I will be following. Really nice modeling.
    California Steve

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