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AIRFIX 1/72 DH 82.a Tiger Moth

My latest effort. I put in as much extra detail as the model could handle,(not mention me) and the results aren’t too bad. It’s actually a replica of a flying school aircraft. All of the extras are my stuff. This was a hard little kit to work with: VERY brittle plastic. Some of the smaller parts broke when I cut them out. I coated everything that looked weak with CA glue and had better luck. I hope everyone likes my new back drop. No snow, no wrinkles.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

45 responses to AIRFIX 1/72 DH 82.a Tiger Moth

  1. another real beauty phil

  2. Quite a jewel….nicely done. Great detail shots as well. It is always satisfying to get great results from a difficult kit.

  3. Excellent work, Phil….especially in 72nd scale. At first glance, I thought it was an actual aircraft photo. Needless to say, the background really sets off a fine piece of modeling. Kudos to anyone who builds kits with rigging (particularly THAT one)…..two thumbs up, sir! 🙂 🙂

  4. That is superb, Phil. Those close-up pics really show the high quality of your workmanship.

  5. This is brilliant, Phil. I particularly like the rigging, especially at 1/72 as Craig points out. I used to build biplanes in this scale as a boy, but when I did attempt rigging I could never get it taut like this. Maybe everybody knows apart from me, but how on earth did you manage that? Well done.

  6. Wow, nice job especially the rigging at 1/72 no less.

  7. Very nice on that waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy old kit!

  8. Phil,
    Absolutely gorgeous. You seem to have the rigging nightmare solved. This little beauty looks real.

    • It was real alright !! A real pain. Actually I’m happy with the way it finished up. I didn’t like the batons initially. The only thing I had that was absolutely straight was .020″ plastic rod which didn’t look bad on the bench. When I set them in place in the rigging they looked 2 inch pipes !! Thanks Frank.

  9. Love the aircraft registration! I didn’t know the american band had an aircraft!

  10. Great balance on the wings in the overhead shot, and the rigging looks clean. A tough scale to detail-up but this looks really nice. Photography sets it off too.

  11. What a great build, nice work sir, and in 1/72 scale, very nice.

  12. OMG. Considering how tiny this kit is in 1/72 scale, you have done terrific work! The finesse of the result brings thughts to a full-scale aircraft, let alone a much larger model.

  13. Very nice work Phil, lovely finishing to.
    You are right about the small bits though.
    The wife and I have got a pair on the go, and have had a few breakages.

  14. Super work Phil – she looks great – will have to have a look at your article on rigging!

  15. Most excellent – as has already been said. Fine modeling skills on display, and love the detailed, close-up photography! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I love models in 1/72 and yours is perfect, I really admire the rigging and cleanliness of your build. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  17. It looks on the photos like a real one, thats outstanding work, especially in the 1/72 scale.

    • Thanks Bernd, glad you like it. I wish I had cut down the thickness of the open doors. They look out of scale some what. Other than that I’m happy with it. I have another one that’s 70% complete, and I’ll probably thin those doors down.

  18. I wouldn’t want to go up against you in a model contest, what a great build!

  19. Superb. Almost impossible to choose a colour scheme. This one is a beauty.

  20. I’m new to this one (it’s 2017), but this is another fine build!

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