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Bad Weather

August 1, 2015 · in Armor · · 11 · 1.1K

Hi guys, new member - nice to meet you!

Please forgive the lack of a photo with this article; I'm on my work computer & so not able to upload just at the moment. Reason for posting is basically to ask for a little advice.

Having painted figures pretty much exclusively for a long time, I've just finished a Tamiya Chieftain tank, which has a reasonable paint job with some basic . I've used Humbrol enamels; it's just what I'm used to.

I'd like to add some more weathering & have invested in some Humbrol washes and weathering powders. I was going to start with the washes & I'm a newbie to both of these techniques.

My question is, what will happen if I apply these washed on my nice matt enamel finish? Do I need to treat it somehow first? The Chieftain has a lot of relief detail & I'm concerned about layering things up & losing some of that. I actually like the results so far, have taken my time with it, and I'd be pretty distraut if I was to mess things up now! I know the effects I'm after & can't call this model complete until I've done it.

Thanks so much.

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  1. Others here with more talent than I might have different suggestions, but it's been my experience that as long as the washes are thinned sufficiently, you should have no issues applying it over/on a matte enamel finish. Weathering powders applied subsequently will cap off the detail quite nicely. Looking forward to the result(s).

  2. steve,

    Welcome aboard. Look forward to seeing your stuff.

  3. said on August 2, 2015

    Hi Steve. I only use Future floor polish to gloss coat my models and then use water colour paint to highlight panels and detail. After the exces

    • said on August 2, 2015

      Sorry for the typo! After excess water colour paint is removed, I spray the model with Humbrol Matt coat and follow that with weathering powders. Your Chieftain is matt coated so go with the weathering powders! Welcome and I can't wait to see the model when finished!

      • Thankyou for the reply, Morne. So you mean I could potentially just move directly to using the weathering powders? Interesting.

        • said on August 2, 2015

          Remember if you need to put decals on then it's best to put a gloss coat on followed by matt coat varnish and then the weathering powder. These pigments are best suited for a nice matt finish. If no decals then use the weathering pigments over the matt paint.

  4. Washes over shiny surfaces, followed by matte varnish, with powders scrubbed into porous matte surface, which will hold them nicely. Remember not every part of the tank is equally worn or dirty so variation in finishes is important.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks for the advice, Rob. I think I'll try a quick experiment just before I tackle the whole thing. I once applied a "finishing touch" to a figure that ruined the whole thing, so just a little wary. I'll be careful to vary the finish.

  5. Hi Steve, cheers for the compliments on the tank! I'm working on a Challenger 2 at the minute.

    Basically what Rob said there with the weathering. I always do the base colours then use a gloss varnish to protect the paint, then apply the washes. I find that an acrylic or clay based wash can easily be wiped off a gloss finish, but tend to smear into a matt finish and cannot be removed easily.

    Once I'm happy with my panel lining etc I finish it with a matt or satin varnish then add pigments and dry brush the edges. I use Vallejo acrylic varnishes from the airbrush, but I'm no expert by any means, it's just what works for me.

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