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Eduards’s 1/72 Bf110E

This kit is effectively the 1/48 kit scaled down, and Eduard have done a great job of cramming as much detail as possible into the smaller version. Surface detail was superb, and the fit of parts virtually perfect except where the engine nacelles met the wings, which needed some fettling with a knife and a touch of filler.

This was the Profipack boxing, so all the cockpit detail you see here (and some you don’t, like the seat harnesses that hadn’t been added yet) came in the box. The colored photo-etch was beautifully printed.

Weathering at the wing roots was done using a sponge and latex masking fluid, built up colour by colour to represent progressively more worn areas, right through the primer to bare-metal in some places. Daubs of watercolor were also applied randomly across the airframe to replicate scuffs, grease/oil stains, scratches etc.

The scheme I chose was originally an overall black machine over which a temporary coat of RLM72 had been applied, including some tight spraying around the fuselage codes. There’s no way I could airbrush that tightly in 1/72, so I made some black splurgy decals to go behind the codes. (The swastika was also blacked out, as the model was built for Tamiya Magazine and it’s their policy not to show them.)

Eduard’s resin gun nose set was also installed, along with their resin main wheels (although the kit wheels are pretty nice away). The shark mouth decal was stubborn, but eventually fitted around the tight nose contours.

I thoroughly enjoyed this model thanks to the superb engineering and detail, and already have plans to build their ‘G’ in Swiss markings.

15 responses to Eduards’s 1/72 Bf110E

  1. It’s great !!. The guns look really good.

  2. Mike, this is a wonderful looking model. I’ve seen this scheme before and it always seems so blah. But you’ve manage to add the right touches to bring out a very interesting / attractive looking model. I understand you position on the swastika, too bad historical correctness has to give way to political correctness, but I don’t think it takes anything away from what you’ve done here. Well done.

  3. Very cool…kind of a Batman plane. Nicely done.

  4. Another fine model in ‘gentleman’s scale’.

  5. Beautifully finished and photographed….outstanding work!

  6. the detail is amazing

  7. Wow! What a model Mike!! It really looks amazing and in 1/72 no less. I couldn’t pull that off in 48, bravo!

  8. Another Mike Grant masterpiece!

  9. To cut my impression short – great model, awesome detail, perfect paintjob, brilliant weathering. Mike, thanks for sharing – I really enjoy it and appreciate your work. Bf110 hits my “must build” list.

  10. Ah – I like the idea you mentioned of daubing watercolor randomly to break up the scheme a bit! I will definitely experiment with that – thanks for the tip! The result looks beautiful, and I just last week pulled out my 2 Revell kits (one older) of the Bf-110 to pick one for a group build (same scale). I was still undecided on scheme, but might try yours as it turned out really interesting.

  11. Beautiful build Mike.
    Great detail and finishing.
    Well done mate.

  12. Finished and photographed to a very high standard.

  13. Very impressive, Mr. Grant….

  14. At first glance I thought I was looking at a 1/48 scale model!!! Great job on this one. Fine example of masterclass modelling.

  15. Outstanding ! The first time i have seen this version of the Eduad color suggestions build, the black behind the code letters are spot on.
    Great detail work as well !

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