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I grew up in the 60s in the UK, and remember clearly building an Airfix Mosquito with my Dad after seeing ‘633 Squadron’. My pocket money used to go on bagged FROG and Airfix kits from Woolworths or the local newsagents. In 1973 a friend introduced me to IPMS Lancashire/Cheshire, and I was blown away by the models I saw on the tables; from then on I aspired to emulate the same standards. My interests are varied, although I prefer 1/72 aircraft, especially biplanes and between-the-wars subjects. I dabble a bit in armour, too.
In the early 90s I emigrated to Calgary, Canada. I’m married with two adult kids, and two grandsons.

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24-hour build: Airfix 1/72 Wildcat

On one of the other modelling forums I frequent, there's an annual Group Build in which participants build an unstarted kit of their choice in a 24-hour period. Frequent updates have to be posted, with progress photos taken including a timepiec[...]

China Dog

There isn't much to say about this, it's the Hasegawa 1/72 F-86D Sabre Dog finished in RoCAF markings. It was done as a quick build after a particularly tedious/difficult project and it was just the tonic- straightforward, great fit and nice de[...]

Revell/Monogram 1/48 B-17G

Let me prelude this by saying this is an older build– from 2005, in fact. It's spent the last 14 years in a box under the stairs, but this weekend I dug it out and decided to shoot some new photos of it. There are plenty of things I'd do differ[...]

Yellow Wessex

This is the Wessex HAR.2 from Mark 1 Models in 1/144 scale. It's a nice kit for the scale with recessed panel lines and pretty good detail overall. I added a little bit of cockpit detail including seat harnesses and instrument gauges, and also [...]

Silent partners

These 1/72 SG-38 gliders by Kovozávody Prostějov came two-in-a-box. Parts count was pretty low, so the real challenge was in painting and finishing. I tried to replicate the semi transparent effect of the wing when viewed from below. The wing[...]

Sea-going Tupolev: Brengun 1/144 G-5 XIII torpedo boat

Brengun's resin Tupolev torpedo boat is a superb little kit, with flawless castings and a nice photo-etch fret for some of the finer details. It was built pretty much out of the box, painted with Tamiya acrylics then weathered with oils and past[...]

Eduards’s 1/72 Bf110E

This kit is effectively the 1/48 kit scaled down, and Eduard have done a great job of cramming as much detail as possible into the smaller version. Surface detail was superb, and the fit of parts virtually perfect except where the engine nacell[...]

Fine Molds 1/48 Ki-10 ‘Perry’

This is a beautiful kit that exudes quality, from the box-art to the presentation of the instructions. Parts are moulded in a grey-green and exhibit beautiful sharp trailing edges to the flying surfaces, delicate recessed panel lines and very c[...]

Japanese Ram-jets

Meng 1/72 Kayaba Katsuodori Ram-jets It seems to be '1/72 Japanese week' on iM, so here's another contribution. These Meng kits come two-in-a-box, and are superbly moulded. The actual aircraft was a concept only and never got beyond one wooden [...]

Airfix 1/72 Cessna O-1 Bird Dog

I remember building this kit as a teenager back in the 70s, but a few years ago I had another crack at it. It's actually quite a nice little model, spoilt only by the poor clear parts and some unfortunately placed ejection-pin marks. I added a [...]
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