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Planet Models 1/32 XF5U-1 Flying Pancake, circa 1947

Modifications and additions to the kit:

RB Productions seatbelts
Airscale decals.

Scratchbuilt the instrument panel (to allow the placement of the airscale decals)
Added a bar over the back of the seat to replicate the seatbelt rail
Nav lights on both rear stabilizers
Formation lights on both stabilizers
Opened the canopy
beefed up the undercarriage and added brake lines
Added trim tabs to the rudders.

13 additional images. Click to enlarge.

27 responses to Planet Models 1/32 XF5U-1 Flying Pancake, circa 1947

  1. Looks great, A real stand out !!

  2. Fabulous! Great subject

  3. decades ago im build a Hasegawa 1/72.
    Like your “Pancake”…


  4. Lovely work Eric.
    Well done sir.

  5. What an incredible piece of machinery, and you have done her justice. Didn’t realize that it had wooden props, they surely add a great deal to the looks of the model!

  6. Bizarre looking aircraft, but great bit of modelling Eric. Take-offs and landings must have been real stomach-churners for the pilot.

  7. Outstanding model Eric-unique subject and fine craftsmanship. Flying must have been an adventure!

  8. Great work, my congratulations!

  9. I can only echo the sentiments of the others…fantastic piece of modeling right there – and as Martin stated, those props really jump out at the viewer..!! Nice work, sir.

  10. Eric. I’ve seen a few of these built over the years ,but, never this well done. Looks great.
    “Visible proof that with enough horsepower you can make anything fly”.

  11. awesome sauce man

  12. Every time I see one of these, I wonder what they were thinking at BUAER.
    Unbelievable! I’ll bet there’s a really wild story about the designing and flying.
    Seeing one of these in the pattern at Pax River would have been the sea story of all time.
    Really good job on her, looks like she just rolled out of the hangar.

  13. One of my favorite odd ball aircraft…..nicely done Eric.

  14. Very nicely done. Can someone explain how anyone could have ever thought that was something that belonged in the air…?!

  15. This Vought creation like their Cutlass design was far ahead of its time. I have only ever seen this in the old 1/72 Hasegawa kit that I built over 15 years ago. I desperately need to get my hands on this 1/32 scale gem!!! Congrats on a stunning model Eric!!!!

  16. Fantastic modelling, and I love how you’ve replicated that old b&w shot!

  17. Beautiful work, Eric.

  18. Eric,
    I will just add to all of the other comments and say that this is a beautifully done model. The airplane itself is weird but you have made it look stunning.

  19. Excellent build and very well presented

  20. Thanks very much for the nice comments, you guys are too kind.


  21. In some countries it was referred to as the “Flying Flapjack” and in others the “Aerodynamic Griddlecake”, yet the Soviet’s code name for it was the “Flying Shortstack of Imperialist Breakfast Eaters”…
    Eric, this is a fantastic build, its’ unusual, so well constructed and finished….Bravo Zulu!

  22. Given what I have heard about the “buildability” of that kit, you have done an absolutely fantastic job on it. That is the best F5U I have ever seen.

  23. A very nice job on a very interesting subject, Did the kit need a lot of work to get it to look this nice?.

  24. Thanks guys. Marc and for the others interested, below is a link to my build over at Large Scale Planes which will show you in detail how the build went.

  25. Thanks Eric, once again, Great build, I loved the pictures.

  26. Interesting subject and finished to the highest standards.

  27. Absolutely great Eric. Beautifully built & painted, in fact ‘flawless’ covers it nicely!

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