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Yesterday was a fair Autumn day at home, posing a good occasion to rig up an outdoor studio for model shooting. Not least to photograph my recently finished 1/48 scale Tamiya Dewoitine D.520 on which I’d been working for the larger part of the year.

A presentation feature on this model is forthcoming, but here’s an appetizer. At the end of my photo session I wanted to try the idea of putting together the French fighter and my previously finished Tamiya Bf 109E. This seemed only logical as both have been finished in the marking of the 1940 invasion of France.

I very much like how these two contemporaries look together!

We’re all accustomed to Bf 109 being compared with the Spitfire; I think that this excercise provides an interesting different perspective. Makes you think how strikingly similar the design prerequisites had been for these two aircraft, yet how very different they were.

I thought this was cool. Hope you like it, too!

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

25 responses to Adversaries

  1. A lovely pair Martin.
    Good to see something other than a Brit plane with the Me 109.

  2. Nice work all around, Martin….I like ’em.

  3. This background effect seems like sky, nice !
    It’s is a very good idea to join these two adversaries, showing differences between the fighters. Good job, Dewoitine is a airplane i like much with its moved back cockpit positon.
    So, i’m waiting your next feature presentation with other pictures.

  4. Beautiful work! I’m anxious to see the Dewoitine feature so I can get a closer look at the detail – got one in the stash to build (albeit smaller scale).

  5. VERY nice combo. The Dewoitine came out sweet, the nasal surgery paid of. She’s beautiful. Nice pics too.

  6. Those really do look cool together Martin. I am also looking forward to the article. Very creative photos by the way.
    California Steve

  7. Love them both, nice and clean builds Martin!

  8. I was at a club show at St Ives in Cambridgeshire this past weekend, and a guy had a 1/32 D.520 that looked really nice (as does yours). It’s not a type I think of immediately but that’s due to our Luftwaffe-centric view of aircraft modelling, I think. It’s an aircraft with fine lines and an interesting choice of schemes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Rob, I agree with you on the Luftwaffe/RAF/USAF-centric view in the modeling world. While it is easy to google up almost every detail of a Spitfire, I took considerable effort to even to find reasonably reliable drawings of the D.520, or get any info on the unit markings. In a way, this makes such off-beat projects more fun

  9. Beautiful work! They look great together!

  10. Very pretty pictures, Martin. I think that, considering what the real things were designed to do, it’s interesting just how beautiful they look.

  11. They both look great Martin. The camo on the Dewoitine looks especially well done. What technic did you use for the camo design, (tape, mask, poster tac,)?

  12. Two fine builds, Martin. Well done.

  13. Martin, thanks for doing the D520. Also, unusual (to me) that you see adversaries side by side. I’m all for that, it gives you and idea of what the opposing sides were up against. Different approaches to the same problem.
    Two lovely examples of the types. Well done!

  14. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    This one really passed me by.
    I must say … this is good modeling, one that takes the viewer back in history and yet … in another front.
    That Dewoitine D.520 stands alone in my view.
    Very nice work on BOTH these models.

  15. Beautiful side by side… Awesome work!

  16. I love this presentation Martin! Really nice models that look great posed together. It is true that we don’t see these two warbirds compared that much. Thanks for sharing.

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