Auerochse 54mm

September 29, 2015 · in Figures · · 4 · 1.4K

The Auerochse of Kellerkind-Miniaturen is not yet finished.

Just to show a bit of my work.

To give the Auerochs it a more realistic look I altered it a bit. Changing the - in my opinion - exaggerated muscles, would have destroyd the fur-structure. So I gave that up.

I sculpted new bigger horns, a new tails and - most important - new "balls", because they looked like the ones of horses.

Painting is done with Vallejo and Andrea-Acrylics with brush. Sometimes the paint dind't reach the tiny pits in the fur (white spots). I will repaint that.

The base is yet very preliminary. Im planning ferns, maybe a tree an perhaps another small animal.

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  1. I think with figures you certainly need the highlight/lowlight definition, but then it needs to be exaggerated to make it look real. It sounds counter-intuitive but the best figures always have a look of having been 'pushed' a little beyond what seems natural, in order to get the effect just right. Anyway, I can see you're still at work developing the look.

    Will it stand alone or is it part of a vignette? You mentioned other animals - was just wondering about the context.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      That is the Problem - not only with figures - but also with technical stuff that you want to give a used look. You have to do a little more than real, but easily (and often) it's too much.
      I'm intending a Vignette, my first idea was just one or two small animals for "decoration", but the gesture of the bull looks rather aggresive, so I think a small wolfpack on a larger base would give an interesting Diorama.

  2. My...pretty "anatomically correct", aren't they? lol

    Seriously, it looks good.

  3. Welcome onboard at iModeler. This looks like a beginning of something cool!

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