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Hasegawa ASF-X Shinden

September 19, 2015 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.8K

This is one of my latest projects. It is 1/72 scale, which is a bit small for me usually, but the whole shape and look of this aircraft is SO COOL!

For those who don,t know, it is a conceptual aircraft from the video game Ace Combat, as its name suggests, it is actually supposed to be a Japanese, and the kit comes with contemporary JASDF markings. It takes a lot influences from modern current generation warplanes, the styling is somewhere between F-22, F-35, Rafale, and the Russian forward swept stealth prototype (whose designation I forget!). It has two engines, mounted vertically, and it can be built in level flight or STOVL position. As a supposed "Air Dominance Fighter" like the F-22, it carries air to air ordnance, in the shape of AIM-120 like missiles, which although add something to an otherwise clean aircraft, cannot do anything for its stealth signature!

As it does,t exist anyway, I just thought it would look really good dressed in US Navy VF84 Jolly Rogers markings, and based on USS Nimitz, which I sourced from a Fujimi F-14A Tomcat.

I have sprayed the model in Mr Color US Navy colours, with various shades being used, all under shaded to add to the effect, much masking was used! I have modelled it as a CAG bird, so it is a mix of lo-viz and hi-viz markings. I liked the yellow chevron markings, but these would not fit in the traditional side of the nose, so I put them on the canards, which i think is quite eye catching.

It is a very simple build, but looks very effective, its a pity it isn,t available in 1/48 though, as I would do more of them. I do now have another one, which has markings for a fictional air force, probably from the game, in a mixture of deep blue, and stealth type panelling, much like the effect on the F-35, I intend to build this one in flight, and will post it here when it is done eventually.

Happy modelling everyone, you are doing some great stuff on here!

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8 responses

  1. It is indeed very cool...I like it.

  2. Goood paint and build im LIKE!

  3. Now this is right up my street, so modern and advanced it doesn't exist!
    I used to play Ace Combat back in the day! It was quite a good game, more of an arcade style shooter than a simulator but still good fun.
    That's a very nice build as well by the way! Great paint work and finish.

  4. A really sharp looking aircraft.

  5. Nicely done - finish looks good, and an unusual subject as well.

  6. So good to see something new, Ian, especially when it's something as good as this!

  7. Looks great! At first I thought it was an updated version of a Valkyrie from Robotech (especially with the VF-84 markings!) There's a little bit of the old G.I. JOE X-30 in its lines. Well built and again, great choice of markings!

  8. That's very neat Ian! It looks like a very advanced development of mine:

    Thanks for showing her to us!

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