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Martin Baker 5.

September 29, 2015 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.3K

Hi all.
Here's one I made some time back. I think it's a kit in 1:48th scale.
The kit decals were shot so the spares box saved the day. It also supplied the weapons, I've no idea what it would have carried so it's a little bit of a what if.
I can't remember an real problems in the build so it must have been OK.
Busy with the Revell 1:32nd Hunter, one of the most elegant looking jet fighters.
Paul k.

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8 responses

  1. Nice job...I'm not familiar with that airplane, however. Martin Baker 5? Did they give up on aircraft manufacturing and build ejection seats instead...? 🙁

    • That's pretty much what happened. I'm told it was a good aircraft with the cockpit being particularly good but it came along at the wrong time, everybody wanting the new jets.

  2. Smart looking model, Paul, can you give us some more information please?

    • Hi George.

      I'm assuming you mean about the kit.

      It was a typical limited run kit, soft plastic, so so fit interesting subject. There was little in the way of hard work just fill sand, fill sand fill sand until either it fitted or you got sick of f/s f/s f/s.

      The spinners are metal and polished up nicely. There was no stores in the kit so I raided the spares box and that's about it. If you want to know anything in particular just ask. If you wanted to know about the aircraft then give it a damn good googeling! You'll learn more in less time than anything I could tell you.


  3. Verxy nice build, never heard of the aircraft.

  4. Interesting - like the others above, I'd never heard of it. Had to look it up! It reminds me of the Fisher P-75 Eagle with the contra rotating props and Mustang-like belly scoop.

    I kinda want one! However, looks like an old Pegasus kit may be my only option in 1/72...

    • Greg, you and me, both. Of course, you could chop up an SBD, some P-40s, and anything else that looks right, and do what they did. I call it the flying Frankenstein, at least the prototype. The mpre refined version didn't look half bad!
      Once you do that, put it in "Blackhawk" markings, and the rivet counters wiil have a stroke!

  5. Bernd, Greg & Bernard.
    You could use a rare assortment of parts but one thing would spoil it, the MB5 was quite a big aircraft so it would be out of scale.

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