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Monogram 1/72 P-36C 28th C.G. Elmendorf AK.? Midway/Aleutians

Hearing that P-36s were in Alaska around the time period of the build and having few other candidates I decided on building my blue boxed Hawk. Now for a paint scheme, which was harder than I planned, On the net. I happened upon the decal info for Hobbycrafts Blitz Hawk. Which shows a Hawk in what appears is brush painted white over O.D. Try as I might I couldn't fine any actual photos of said bird. Supposedly it's of the 28th Composite Group 1942. I'm guessing by the time of the campaign, if there were any 's left they were used as hacks. Decals I used are from the spares box.

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  1. Very nice Robert... I remember building this one many years ago. I built this one, and then later the AMT 1/48 kit. It really looks the part. Nice score on the decal sheet too.

    Thanks for posting my friend !

  2. Nice presentation, Robert...I like this one.

  3. That's a different look Robert, nicely done.

  4. Bob, nice find on the paint scheme. During the Winter of 1942 in Alaska the AAF actually used winter camouflage on various aircraft. There are a few photos in Dana Bells Air Force Colors book, Vol. 1. Between the wars there were camouflage experiments from year to year in the (then) AAC, using "temporary" waterbased(!) paints. Given that, this looks right. Good to see the P-36, I remember when it came out, 1967, with the Bearcat and the F7F. Still the best P-36 in 72nd, for my money. Revell oughta bring it back again, and the 3 biplanes.

  5. Good job Bob. Really like the camo scheme

  6. Very nice! I always enjoy the unusual scheme. Like it!

  7. Robert, great paint! It's awesome that you found winter camo designs for those birds. Good job!

  8. Sorry Robert I missed this one scrolled round and the camo caught my eye its so refreshing to see some new and unusual paint work on a aircraft,something you might expect to see on the Russian front,keep them coming always great to see your work.cheers

  9. Very nice build Robert, in a very unusual scheme. The whole back story was news to me, thanks for sharing it.

  10. Thanks, I found it purely by chance.

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