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Protecting the diorama WIP

September 7, 2015 · in Diorama · · 12 · 3.2K

And so after bringing my venerable old badger airbrush back to life and with an air can I painted the AA gun in field grey. Also seen here are the first stages of weathering.

Hi folks I took these before I left for the States for radical kemo and just remembered them. This is work in progress on my current diorama, the wooden emplacement is scratch built from lolipop sticks and giant matches topped off with sand bags.which was painted German field grey and weathered with pastels.comments welcome.

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  1. And so it goes...but I have to ask - exactly what IS that surface you're working on?

  2. Nice re-cycling of old stuff, the turntable that is Steven.
    Looks like she is coming to life.

    • Thanks. I usually use the turntable with my hull clamp on top when I'm building wooden ships but as I'm restricted to bed I can't get into workshop so my friend brought it inside for me to use on my portable modelling station that I use on the bed.

  3. Nice Flak, Steven ! Guess you used graphite from a pencil to give the barrels a metallic look.
    Using air bottles for airbrushing, was the way i have started with airbrushing, they didn t last long and after the pressure became low, i put them into a bucket of water, worked for some time.

    • Yes Bernd I used graphite powder that I made myself for the barrels as gun metal paint always looks so fake. I'm only using air cans as I'm moving to America at the end of the week for treatment and won't be back until February when I'll order myself a new compressor and decent airbrushes.

  4. I'm a graphite man myself, I use it for exhaust staining as well.
    Looks great !

  5. Steven, Nice work, and thanks for implementing the good old technics that still work. I have a nice fancy expensive airbrush, but I still rely on my trusted Badger 200 I've had for years. I also indulge in the graphite world, but just recently discovered model master metalizer "exhaust", buffs out to a wonderful dark metal finish that looks a lot like actual gun bluing. Give it a shot !

  6. Popsicle sticks?! Matches?! Awesome! Well done, Steven.

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