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Desert Duo, 1/72nd Sepecat Jaguars GR.1,RAF Operation Granby 1991

August 27, 2017 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.8K
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  1. Desert Duo, 1/72nd Sepecat Jaguars GR.1,RAF Operation Granby 1991
  2. “Year of the Cat” Kitty Hawk 1/48th SEPECAT Jaguar GR. Mk 1A RAF Operation Granby

These desert cats were built over 15 years ago. An inspiration for the "Year of the Cat GB". The first Jag is the kit #E23, this one is the oldest of the pair, being built around 1996 or so. The 2nd one is the Italeri kit #076, I built this one around 2002. Both out of the box, only used the excellent Modeldecal set which had several Jags, Tornadoes, Victors, Lynx Has.3, and Buccaneers. I have all the aircraft and will someday have them all built. One of my lifelong ongoing projects was to build all the aircraft that participated in Desert Storm/Operation Granby. Along with the coalition aircraft and Iraqi aircraft that operated in the war. I started this project pretty much when I returned home from Desert Storm, and the first aircraft completed in this endeavour was a Hasegawa Mirage F.1 in Kuwaiti livery and then came the Fujimi 72nd scale A-4KU Skyhawk also in Kuwaiti markings. The 3rd one is the Hasegawa Gr.1 which is the one here along with his brother from Italeri. Both kits were similar in layout and process to build. I didn't enhance the kits in any way. The Hase kit was typical bare bones cockpit with decals for the consoles and IP no seatbelts, Both kits were built rather quickly and went together well. The Hase kit was not a Desert Storm dedicated aircraft so added the bombs and robbed the Phimat Pod from a Tornado kit and the ALQ-101 pod from same kit. The Italeri kit was a Desert Storm bird, and provided the Phimat and ALQ-101 pod, also the Rec Pod, which I configured this with a pair of CBU's, ALQ-101, and the Rec Pod on the center line. The interior was painted in both aircraft with Model Master 36320 Dark Gull Grey, Testor Zinc Chromate Yellow Primer (the small bottle) for the gear bays and doors, Med Grey for the landing gear struts and wheels. Xtracolour for the Desert Pink Scheme. Have been meaning to post this for a long while, but at times you get writers block. But as some of the items have arrived to get started on the KH Jag I have been waiting on, its time for a little motivation. Thanks for viewing.

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  1. I remember seeing these during Desert Storm! I also recall that I was very glad they were on our side!

    Well done, Chuck. Well constructed & painted. I like about anything in Desert Storm camo schemes. Makes me glad I'm here now!

  2. We were at the Tabuk AB in the western desert of Saudi, we had the Tornado's based with us at the time. Didn't get to see the Jag's at anytime. But Brit's didn't lose any during the war, can't say that for the Tornado's that experience some pretty nasty losses in combat.

  3. Nice to see the Hasegawa and the Italeri next to each other. Desert schemes are great and they fit in good with the Cat project. Well done!

  4. Don't see all that many Jaguars built these days and here we have two of 'em. You really must show us a few pics of your display area(s) one of these days, Chuck - (there's a group for that) 🙂

  5. Nice! I'm working on a re-box Hasegawa 1/72 Desert Storm Jag for the group build now. I can tell which one is the Has. kit, as they left off 3 of the gun vent ports, which I had to drill... I do want to do another Jag in original RAF scheme - it's just a classic to me.

    • Thanks Greg, I have been following the progress of your Jag WIP. I'm impressed with the enhancements that your applying on your project. Didn't know about the detail around the gun ports on the Hase kit, or lack of. Good work so far.

  6. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice looking pair of Jags Chuck.
    Looking at them side by side reminds me of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Always did like those birds.

    • Thanks De4ever, I always like the compact size of the Jag, built as designed, effective and very good at it's mission. Now to get started on the 48th Kitty Hawk now that some items have arrived to get started on it.

  7. A great pair of Jags!, did the old airfix kit when it was new, might have to get one of these in my stash.

  8. Fantastic work on the Jags ! I haven't been on here (I-modeler) for a few days... Life has been keeping me busy. This one jumped out at me ! I really like these Chuck.

  9. Thanks Louis, me as well, have had a few projects completed since the Midway GB, just been a long summer, hot, too hot to work in the shed. Been wanting to post these for awhile. Looking forward to the Labor day weekend. It will be over the century mark until the 7th so will stay cool.

  10. Very neat work on these Jaguars, Chuck, they look great being posed together.

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