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Spitfire Mk IXc early 1/48

September 28, 2015 · in Aviation · · 29 · 9.5K

In 1942, RAF loss rates remained unacceptably high. due to the performing german Focke-Wulf 190A. The only British fighter aircraft deemed suitable to oppose them were the Mk. VII and VIII powered by the Merlin 61 engine. But these were some time away of being ready for series production. There was another way of getting a powerful fighter quickly : by mating the Merlin 61, with its two-stage supercharger, with the fuselage of the Spitfire Mk.Vc. Flight trials were succesful and the order for series production of this MkIX was issued almost immediately since june 1942. With top speed of 409 mph and climbing at 4,000 feet per minute up to 43,000 feet, the RAF finally had a fighter aircraft capable of opposing the Fw 190 A.

I've buit here the fighter flown by S/Ldr. Stanislav Skalski, Polish Combat Team, Northern Africa, in spring 1943. This aircraft was one of ten Spitfires flown by « Shalski Circus Team » pilots in the north African sky. The famous ace Shalski with eighteen kills to his credit, acted as Squadron Leader for the Team.

This kit is the Profitpack of early Spitfire mkIXc. In addition, i've got Big Sin (Brassin) advanced set (resin + photo-etched parts) with Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, radio compartment, gun bays and flaps. A lot of work, especially with radio compartment which caused some difficulties at fuselage assembly. Unfortunetaly, it s nearly invisible behind the battery. Another tip was not to fix fuselage's both plastic low pieces prior to adding engine firewall. Furthermore, about exhaust stacks, it will help if you leave them off until after adding the cowling bearers.
The rest is a matter of care and attention, and especially organization of the work to make a success of this wonderful model.

I took some liberties towards classic desert camouflage scheme to simulate the wear patterns of the desert. In fact, right colours (according to Eduard notes) were Gunze H71 (middle stone) and 72 (dark earth). For intrados mediterranean RAF azur blue, i used a mix of Revell blue, white and flat grey to match FS 35231. To broke uniformity i airbrushedused some light touches of cleared up dark earth/middelstone and an uneven thin veil of warmed Humbrol 63 all over the camouflage.

I must say Spitfire (C wing) is ma prefered WW2 fighter and this very complete kit fulfills me.

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  1. Eduard Spiti!

    Like nice build and Paint.

  2. Excellent work (and photos), Christian...VERY nice.

  3. This looks fabulous! Great work overll and especially incorporating that detail

  4. That's just awesome! Great detail work and finishing. Beautiful Spit!

    • Hi Greg, thanks. It's especially interesting to notice you're not working with airbrush. There is only one and a half year i got one, i did like you before. But you're much better than me with a brush !

  5. This definitely has to be a winner for this month! Excellent looking Spitfire. Well done!

  6. Love it! Great build and photos. Well done!

  7. Christian, absolutely marvelous! I couldn't pull off that engine if someone held a gun on me. It all turned out beautifully, and I'd be hard pressed to think it was a model, given the level of detail and finish.
    I like that series of kits, myself. Mine won't be to your standards, however.
    Many thanks for sharing your mastery with us.

  8. Beautiful work - really!

    But you've convinced me I am not a modeler of opened-up airplanes.

    Not a disparagement of your work. A matter of taste.

    • "It takes all sorts to make a world", "it is believed that all tastes and colors are found in nature...". We are all different and it's better.
      My firts idea is to present an opened-up model matched with a same closed one (i did so with Hawker Typhoons 1/72, in a little diaporama i should present here in the future). I think opened-up models don't give a good idea of the plane as it appears flying, so it would be better to present two models, but i need now energy to begin the classic one...

  9. "Another day, another Spitfire posted here". Fine by me !, especially when they are this well done, and an absolute joy to look at. Well done Christian !

  10. Outstanding Spitfire, Christian ! The details and the perfect paint job are impressive.

    • Thank you Bernd, appreciations are very stimulating, you know well how modeling request lot of care/work and good comments help to forget building's swearwords...

      • And all the warm and kind words are more than deserved !
        Beautiful build. Nearly a year ago, i started a "recycling" Spitfire project and joined the Hasegawa Spit Mk.IX with parts from a very miss molded ICM Spitfire. The cowling is open but i am struggling to fill it, the ICM Merlin is quite basic.

        • Even if i tend to build complicated opened-up fighters, i'm not so experimented yet (not enough involved, only three years i went back to "maquettes") to join elements from multiple boxes. A friend of mine makes this kind of projects, like improving very old kits to bring them up to date, more correct, by combining several marks.

          PS : Brassin Merlin is much detailled, but expensive too...!

  11. One of the best, if not the best Spitfire, I've seen. Beautiful job, Christian !

  12. Amazing work here Christian. Congratulations on your craftsmanship.

  13. Very, very nice build Christian. Your skill is amazing! Thanks for such a fine model & excellent pictures too..

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