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I was born in 1951 in Liège (Belgium) where i still live today.
I’ve built scale models (airplanes, cars) when i was 12-15.
Retired man and in always fascinated by small-scale models, I turn again to airplanes kits: essentially 1/48 scale (after some 1/72 brush-painted models).

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Thunderstreak F-84F 1/48

The kit is the Kinetic 1/48 with correct nose (Quickboost). I prefered to built a metal finish F-84. Maybe i should have read before the relevant note of Tom Cleaver on "" : « The plastic surface is very slightly pebbly, jus[...]

Supermarine Walrus MK I (1/48 Special Hobby)

This is an old kit, the Special Hobby 1/48 that I started to build in 2017 before seeing the first pictures of the future Airfix in the same scale. I chose to continue my model by trying to raise it to the level of the future Airfix. There was e[...]

F-104G Belgian Starfighter “all open”

Eduard (Hasegawa) 1/48. Here (finally!) the F-104G Natofighter Eduard 1/48 that I was happy to receive here (as "awards of the month" winner) 19 months ago (October 2015). I used almost all the available detailing sets (except the radome) : t[...]

Happy New Year to all

Eight boxes (1/48) are waiting for me in year 2017 and the following ones. But i'm eying on new Tamya Tomcat and Phantom Eduard. And Airfix Junker Stuka could be next purchase, who knows ? The belgian starfighter is well advanced but surely not[...]

Douglas Skyraider A-1H

This model is the Tamya 1/48 A-1H Skyraider kit from Us Navy (USS Midway). I got CMK complementary set (n°4017) but except internal details under the right exhaust pipes, it's not very interesting given the complete and detailed original Tamya[...]

F-16 Belgian solo display

Going back to air show since a very long time, i was impressed during september 2014 at Kleine Brogel (Belgium) by a strong F16 solo display. This good souvenir led me to build this model from the Kinetic Model Nato Viper box. at 1/48 scale. In[...]

Mustang P51D 1/48 “Blondie”

At first, I wanted to build a fast kit from a very cheap discount box (11€), an easy assembly Hobby Boss. That really got to me and I decided to improve the cockpit and the wheels bay, the landing gear flaps, etc.. with improvement parts of the[...]

Thank you to all the crew !

I am delighted to receive this kit as winner of september Best in Show. It's the model which I had in mind for a long time, and iModeler fulfills my wishes. I hope to present you a stuning Belgian Airforce plane in the months which come !

Spitfire Mk IXc early 1/48

In 1942, RAF loss rates remained unacceptably high. due to the performing german Focke-Wulf 190A. The only British fighter aircraft deemed suitable to oppose them were the Spitfire Mk. VII and VIII powered by the Merlin 61 engine. But these wer[...]

Lavochkin LA-5FN 1/48 Eduard

In 1941, to integrate the cumbersome Shvetsov ASh-82 (M-82) engine into the frame of the LaGG-3 to build LA-5 was not a small matter and it costs the life to some Russian test pilots. The new machine required many improvements (cooling, leak f[...]
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