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1/48 Junkers Ju188

Just completed. Hope you like. Added Fu-200 radar. Rest is out of the box. It was a fun paint job and build. And as always, the last pic refuses to upload the right side up. Always happens... Wtf...:)

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  1. Nice! I love these Luftwaffe squiggle camo schemes. Yours looks great.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Superb finish. Two thumbs up on this build. Well done!

  3. Great work Paul, the glazing must of been a pain to mask?
    The squiggle camo looks effective too.
    Well done mate.

  4. Very nice Night Destroyer.

  5. Really nice, Paul.

  6. Nice all around job, Paul...I like it! I see from that last pic it does aerobatics as well, huh? 🙂

  7. how did you do the squiggle camo? always mess this up, great job

  8. Nice work. BTW - you don't have to go out of your way with neatness on the squiggles. I've seen photos of the process - two or three different guys with spray guns, each doing his own take on what should be, with no points for "neatness." In other words, you can get away with a whole lot on those things and be "right" every time.

    Nice work on what I personally know isn't one of the "easy" kits.

    • Very true. I thought of that at the time, and should have let some of it be as it was. Just couldn't help myself. Lol. Thank you. It's definately not the easiest kit, but still easier than some of the limited run kits I do, which I know, you know about too. The Fiat Br20 I'm in the middle of, is really annoying, but still worth it. That'll do now for a while. I'm really excited about doing some Japanese subjects now. Love that weathering. 🙂 My Br20 will be in Japanese markings, with Italian paint. Awesome. 🙂

  9. Tough, fiddly kit resulted in a really nice build. I like it.

  10. Very nice build. Was the radar brass?

  11. Paul, Very nice work here. Your camo work is excellent.

  12. I love the details on this (the radar and the canopy masking especially), and the paint finish looks great too!

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