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ENTEX 1/16 Scale Harley Davidson 1918 18F 880cc

Next up on the workbench will be this 1918 Harley-Davidson Model 18F. Again made by ENTEX. This will be the third in a series of four that I have built. I am going to try and get it as close to the original color as you see in these [...]

ENTEX 1914 Militaire 1/16 Scale

I am working on a hard-to-find 1914 Militaire. This motorcycle was, for it's era, built and advertised as a two-wheeled car. The first thing that was necessary was to strip ALL of the chrome plating. Chrome was not in wide use in 1914 [...]

1/16 Scale ENTEX 1912 Henderson

Here's my build of the Entex 1/16 scale 1912 Henderson. This was a great build with a few minor issues with brittle plastic. However, all in all, a very fine looking completed model. I tried to shoot numerous detail shots of this build [...]

1937 Cord 1/16th scale

This is another vehicle I built on commission for the same gentleman. He provided the complete kit which was the Entex 1/16th scale kit from 1960. Let me first say that the true color of the model is that which is shown in last photo,the [...]