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Review: Takom 1/16 1/4 Ton 4X4 G503MB Review

Trumpeter 1/16, PZ.IV J , 31Pz.Rgt, East PrussiaOctober 1944

Whew... finally, after 190 hours and 9 months of work, another model from the Trumpeter stable is finished. This time it's Pz.IV J with 31 Pz.Rgt 5Pz.Div. from the time of fighting in East Prussia in the fall of 1944. I added captured [...]


Hello fellow modellers. After a long break, I come back with finished projects. In this post, I present the great-grandfather of Russian tanks that have just been defeated in Ukraine. T-34/76 model 1943 in my favorite recently large scale. [...]

Monogram 1/16 Kenworth Conventional Aerodyne W 900

For years I'd wanted to do one of these and in early 2017 I found one in the LHS so home with me it came. If I'd kown what was coming at me it may have stayed at the LHS. For something of this size detail was very sparse, and some [...]

Tank Commander of the 5th Wehrmacht Tank Division, Jeffshiu´s Miniatures, 1/16

Greetings fellow modellers! I finished another figure, it comes from the offer of the company Jeffshiu´s Miniatures and it is in 1/16 scale, the command dome is intended for the RC model, I did not manage to get another one, but I don't [...]

German Sniper, 3rd Airborne Division, Alpine Miniatures 1/16

Good evening friends! I finished my next figure. This time I reached for a figure from Alpine Miniatures' offer (link), which I modified and made into a bust. Everything is painted with Andrea Color acrylic paints, I used Umton oil paints [...]

Machine Gunner of the 3rd Division SS Totenkopf, Jeffshiu´s Miniatures 1/16

Greetings dear fellow modellers! A while ago I managed to finish my next piece, this time I reached for a machine gunner from the production of Jeffshiu´s Miniatures in 1/16 scale. I replaced several accessories, a field bottle and a [...]

Tank Commander of the 116th Panzer Division "Greyhound Division", Ardennes, December 1944, Alpine Miniatures 1/16

Greetings, dear fellow modellers! Today I managed to finish another piece. This time it is a bust of a tank commander from Alpine Miniatures in 1/16 scale. I painted everything with Andrtea Color acrylic paints, I used metallic progression [...]

1/16 Minicraft Jaguar SS100 1938

1/16 Minicraft Jaguar SS100 1938 For some alleged personal sins I build (or try to build) vintage kits? I just put some effort into improving them a bit without the time required to re engineer the old tech. Of course the wire wheels are [...]

Heng long Walker bulldog restauration

1/16 rc Heng long Walker bulldog restauration,wip.