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modeling in 1:16 scale

Airways 1/16 Wright Flyer 1903

I’m usually a plastic and putty kind of modeler but I’ll have to admit, this kit was fun. NOT because this kit had everything in the box I needed. On the contrary, the kit was fun because I was challenged to build 90% from scratch. [...]

The first Panzer... 1/16 scale Takom Panzer 1b

Way back when I had a book entitled "Tank" by one Kenneth Macksey. Actually it was one of the first books I ever bought with my own money (An 80 dollar paycheck). It was softcover with a combo of line drawings and photos, and it [...]

T-34 in 1/16 scale kit by Trumpeter

Well this was a doozy. The big 1/16 scale T-34 by Trumpeter, full detail inside in out. This build took me exactly 20 days working 7 days a week. This is a good kit, with the typical sketchy directions from Trumpeter, but mold and fit is [...]

Heller 1/16, PzKpfw III Ausf.J, 15PzDiv, El-Alamein 1942

Hello everyone After a break, I'm back with another 1/16 scale model. This time it is PzKpfw III Ausf.J from Heller. I made the model in DAK camouflage, specifically the 15th Panzer-Division from the Battle of El-Alamein fought in the [...]

Trumpeter 1/16 T 34/76 Model 1942: The relationship between scale and weathering

At some point I got curious about how it is like to build one of the 1/16th scale AFV monsters. Trumpeter's T-34 that comes with interior detailing satisfied my curiosity. It is a solid and easy AFB build thanks to the large size of parts. [...]

Portuguese CEP 2nd Sargent, of the 7th Infantry Regiment. France, 1917

The Portuguese brand 'Alvorada Miniatures' released last year a series of (very) nice busts of portuguese characteres. I painted this one, depicting a 2nd sargent of the 7th IR in France, last november 2022. It's a great figure and it was [...]

Review: Takom 1/16 1/4 Ton 4X4 G503MB Review

Trumpeter 1/16, PZ.IV J , 31Pz.Rgt, East PrussiaOctober 1944

Whew... finally, after 190 hours and 9 months of work, another model from the Trumpeter stable is finished. This time it's Pz.IV J with 31 Pz.Rgt 5Pz.Div. from the time of fighting in East Prussia in the fall of 1944. I added captured [...]


Hello fellow modellers. After a long break, I come back with finished projects. In this post, I present the great-grandfather of Russian tanks that have just been defeated in Ukraine. T-34/76 model 1943 in my favorite recently large scale. [...]

Monogram 1/16 Kenworth Conventional Aerodyne W 900

For years I'd wanted to do one of these and in early 2017 I found one in the LHS so home with me it came. If I'd kown what was coming at me it may have stayed at the LHS. For something of this size detail was very sparse, and some [...]