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1/72 Horsa Glider. D-Day, Operation Deadstick – Part 3 of 3

June 5, 2019 · in Diorama · · 16 · 3.1K
This article is part of a series:
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  3. 1/72 Horsa Glider. D-Day, Operation Deadstick – Part 3 of 3

1/72 Horsa Glider. D-Day, Operation Deadstick – Part 3 of 3

Building the Diorama
This post is part of a group of 3, the first being the construction of the and the second the painting of the figures.
The scene represents the “Operation Deadstick", which occurred precisely on this same day (I'm posting on the 6th of june) 75 years ago, better known as “The capture of Pegasus Bridge".
The mission was vital to the success of Operation Tonga, the general airborne landing in Normandy. (see part 1 for more info)
The diorama has a styrofoam base where some terrain relief was modelled, covered with plaster and on which the rock formations were sculpted.

On this base some color was applied with acrylic paints.
The various elements of the terrain (static grass, bushes, etc) were then fixed with white glue.
After this, was applied the barbed wire fence and the resin that made the pond and the river.

Fixing the glider, figures and trees ended the execution of the diorama.

Hope you like!

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  1. Excellent work, my's apparent a lot of thought, time and patience went into this piece of modeling - outstanding result(s), sir..!

  2. Excellent! And the dark background really adds to the effect. Nice Job Manuel!

  3. I really, really, really like this! Lots of effort, lots of skill and talent, and a really great result. Photographing it in "darkness" really adds to the final result.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Really nice work and diorama Manuel. Your dedication and skills can be seen in the project.
    The choice of photographing it in such dim lighting adds more to the "FEELING" of the diorama .

  5. Wonderfully realised scene. Just a great piece of work in every respect, from the base, to the Horsa, the figures, just great.

    Kudos, Manuel!


  6. Wow, fantastic job. The figure painting is quite perfect. Thank’s for explaining the various stages of implementation.

    • Thank you! I must admit that painting 1/72 figures with my eyes was a challenge... Tried my best, and they were not perfect too.
      But I had a lot of fun making this dio 🙂

  7. Fantastic, and especially love the moonlight photography - really brings it home.

  8. Thks Greg! That's the effect I felt the diorama needed. Couldn't be any other way!

  9. Beautifully done AND photographed, Manuel! It's a very authentic looking situation. You captured a wee moment in time.


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