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Scale Modelworld 2015 models – #5 (Best in Show & the category winners)

With the judging completed at , the category winners were thankfully placed in a separate display area, allowing for this overview of the best aircraft, best car, best armor etc. award winners from the exibition.

The overall Best in Show title went to the Russian space rocket on its launch ramp, a vertical object which is patently dificult to do justice in photography - let me just tell that the finesse of this (reatively small) model was mind-boggling!

16 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Very nice but how bout the 1/32 aircrafts? Pleeze?

  2. It wouldn't be Telford without controversy with the competition judging!

    I have 350 images to upload, a high number of which are aircraft, including 1/32, but am having some difficulties with the uploads at the moment for some reason, but will persevere.

    By the way, in the Competition, my 'For the Motherland!' diorama (seen here previously albeit in a somewhat different configuration) won Silver in its Class, and my Napoleonic
    figure vignette, 'Veterans', posted here last month, took Bronze. Our club did well generally with medals and trophies, considering that it's an international competition.

  3. In which category was image 11...?

  4. .

    Just a word on the Bréguet Intégral, airplane at the top of this series of pictures :

    The four propellers were linked to each other by à shaft running trough the wing. This was to be sure to obtain at any time a accurate coordination of the rotation of the propellers in order to have the wing blown equally along the wingspan. I coud'nt resist to make this remark since I had been working on this airplane as a mechanical designer in the 60's.

    (The propellers should be rotated to their right position on the model ...)à_Dugny.JPG/800px-Breguet_941_à_Dugny.JPG


  5. Congratulations to all who won prizes

  6. Whatinell is #5? Giant leafblower?

  7. Thanks for taking us all along by providing us with the many photos. Looks like it was fun.

  8. That totally scratchbuilt Breguet is amazing.

  9. I have added a few more pics of the Breguet from the previous photo set...

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