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Celebrating the 3rd Annversary of iModeler

December 1, 2015 · in News · · 35 · 1.7K

Besides our succesful coverage of Scale Modelworld in Telford, November marked another milestone - the 3rd anniversary of . Wow! Incidentally, at the same time we have also passed another symbolic threshold - 4,000 headline articles posted so far.

I have assembled a short slideshow for the occasion, hoping that you'll find it enjoyable.

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  1. Great site, always try to check in on a daily basis. Keep up the good work. Really enjoyed the Telford coverage.

  2. Just a question : This site is the best, no doubt. But, how is it financed ? What is the Catch ? (FriendlySmile:-)

    • Not much of a catch, really :). Up to this point, iModeler has been developed and financed by yours truly, with occasional technical help by some colleagues and some more editorial help by other friends. Yes I have been thinking about evolving this initiative towards part-time business at some point, so some source of revenue is to be expected, for example to cover the ongoing expenses or accelerate the devlopment. Having said that, there's no rush - and whatever development we'll be undertaking, we will do so with respect to the values behind iModeler and the experience of our users.

      • Thank you ! I now can see your site as an act of kindness and generosity for the modelers community from all over the world.

        Thank you again ...

  3. Best modeling site bar none!

  4. Great site, nice people, what more could you want?

  5. How? How does a site run with NO arguing NO nastiness NO snarkiness or any of those negative traits that exist on so many others? Maybe the tone set from the very beginning? Post your work (very easily) and enjoy that of the others. That's it. Great job Martin. Thanks for your labors.

    • I would say that good forum tools coupled with well-balanced moderation is the key. Having said that, we really only had a handful of moderator interventions during the three years. The credit goes to everyone!

  6. Oh and lest I forget all the plastic heads here that make this a great site too.

  7. I can only concur with the sentiments of the others here...a really enjoyable modeling site in all aspects. Thanks to you and your "staff".

  8. Congratulations, Martin.

    I visit often because I don't care for the haranguing, confrontational one-up-man-ship seen so often elsewhere. iModeler has always had that quirky bistro-feel about it, with a relaxed and supportive membership.

  9. Editor, Bravo! It also looks to me that a whole bunch of folks have done joined up, recently. Ah-men to what the guys said. Keep doin' what you're doin'!

  10. Congrats on the milestone, Martin. I will agree that there is an amazing variety of models and styles, all great. I have gotten much inspiration for my builds from here, and have made a few good friends while at it.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. I join in offering my congratulations - not just to Martin but to all those who share freely both their work and their comments, and for making it a very welcoming and encouraging community of modelers. BEST modeling community site on the web bar none! I make it my lunch-time habit to catch up on latest posts. I only wish more of the "lookers" would become "posters," helping to enrich the community even more!

    • I can only agree. The concept may be mine, but the content and the networking is indeed everyone's merit!

      I'd also love to see more lookers to become posters. Any ideas on how to lower the threshold even further?

  12. Hear, hear! Even though there are times here in China when I can't even access the site, let alone post anything, I agree with everyone else above, this is a great web site. iModeler shows off the best of the worldwide modelling community, and is also an excellent example of how the internet can be used positively.

  13. Wow! Great presentation Martin! I'm too really enjoy to be here. And You Folks are all supportive and kind here than nothing compares elsewhere. This hobby is meant to be fun and hanging on this site - as said before me - just relaxing (like a Tamiya fuselage joint 😀 )

  14. Thank you Martin. You have made this the best. It is really a pleasure to come home after a hard days work and see what new surprises the contributors have posted and escape into the great world of modeling.
    I have had the pleasure of making some very cool friends here.
    Thanks Martin,
    California Steve

    • Steve, I'm glad to hear the you have made som real friends via iModeler, which is also my experience. I find this idea quite compelling - not only this being an "online forum" but a place where people really can meet, make friends and socialize around the hobby. I think that having the name, picture (avatar), friend relations and posting history for each person goes a long way towards creating this feeling, but I'd like to think we can go even further 🙂

  15. Thanks Martin, I wish i could post more often- I have a few more kits that need to get uploaded. I think I can safely say Imodeller initially motivated me because I thought I could win a prize, but now I want to post because I am building more regularly, because Imodeller makes it so easy to post!
    I am also glad to be that little dot in the Atlantic on your map!
    Dan from Bermuda.

  16. My congratulations! This is a very good site, easy to use, easy to use, and with good content!))

  17. Congrats to Martin and all who make this place so great!

  18. As a general response to all, thank you very much for your feedback, kind words and suggestions. Let me also remind that suggestions for improvements are always welcome via iModeler Help & Support group...

  19. Thank you Martin and congratulations,


  20. Congrats to Martin ! Imodeler is a great site and whether or not developments will be undertaken, i'll always be happy to share my realizations here.

  21. congratulations!1

  22. The more I see of life, the more I realise the importance of individuals who are dedicated to an idea. If it weren't for Martin, his idea of how a modelling site should look and his dedication to making that idea come true, this great site wouldn't exist.
    Thanks Martin!

  23. Happy Birthday!
    Thanks very much Martin for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes!

  24. Many, many congratulations Martin. iModeler is a breath of fresh air. The results must be most gratifying to you & to all of us who have gained so much enjoyment & encouragement from each other. Looking forward to the next three years. Thank you!

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