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Friends, Americans, iModelers…(with apologies to Will Shakespeare).

As part of my 'Higher Call' diorama I was struggling with the process of making realistic working propellers (a real holy grail of aircraft modelers). The estimable David Thomas sent me a private message asking for my postal address and just a s[...]

The iModeler team is growing

Four weeks have passed since our announcement about iModeler becoming a company. The response we received was simply overwhelming, with many best wishes, tips and suggestions for which we are deeply grateful and which we found very, very energiz[...]

Celebrating the 3rd Annversary of iModeler

Besides our succesful coverage of Scale Modelworld in Telford, November marked another milestone - the 3rd anniversary of iModeler. Wow! Incidentally, at the same time we have also passed another symbolic threshold - 4,000 headline articles post[...]