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An airplane modeller from Hungary over 40, father of a beautiful little girl. I make models for about 25 years now - I'm fond of esoteric kits, neglected types and the "Golden Age". I love altering kits and scrachbuilding too. I'm recently in 3D modeling - just started but enjoy it too 🙂

Gloster Gladiator 1:72a little Matchbox nostalgia

I started it about two years ago as a joy model (Matchbox Gloster Gladiator), then it ended up in a box, because the Alclad primer didn't want to bind, I still don't know why. Even after two years it was still a bit tacky (!). I had some [...]

The last Gee Bee

The last Gee Bee „The Gee Bee Q.E.D. (“Quod Erat Demonstrandum” – „it is proven” in Latin), aka Gee Bee R-6H, aka the “Conquistador del Cielo” (Sky Conqueror) was the last in a series of racing and touring aircraft from the [...]

Miles Sparrowhawk 1:72or how a model kit born

Hi Everyone! This article is for mainly whose interested in the model kit making process and also the end of a long and interesting journey (at least for me). If anybody remembers this Miles M.5 Sparrowhawk was my first 3D designed model [...]

Cessna O-2 Skymaster

Hi fellow modelers, I hope You are all well. The Cessna O-2 Skymaster (or "Oscar Deuce") is a military version of the Cessna 337 Super Skymaster, used for forward air control (FAC) and PSYOPS operations (aka "B******t [...]

Miles M.5 Sparrowhawkmy first 3D created airplane (and model kit)

Hi fellow modelers from on the third rock from the Sun. After some mostly trial and error self-education (and many many helpful advice and help from Otto Jozsa from SBS - Thanks Otto!) here's my first 3D created aeroplane and model a Miles [...]

A small step for Mars rover one giant leap for model competition

A small step for Mars rover one giant leap for model competition 🙂 Great news from friends and organizers of Mosonshow. : "We need to confess you something important ? As mentioned earlier, we were looking for an optimal solution [...]

Updating the old Monogram B-58 (1:48): part 2. engine intakes in 3D

Just a short note for today - I finally finished the B-58 intakes, the printed parts are cleaned,primed, sanded adjusted and I sent back them to SBS Model for the first experimental moldings. I made a handmade replacement intakes set some [...]

Miles M.2E Hawk “Speed Six” – 1:72 resin

Hi everyone! This is my Miles Speed Six made from Steelworks 1:72 resin kit. This is a classic handmade kit and among them a really good executed one! See the kit here: (link) and here: (link) The Speed Six was a single-seat racing variant [...]

Updating the old Monogram B-58 (1:48): part 1. tail gun in 3D

Hi everyone! The Hustler is one of my favourite airplane. Beautiful, menacing and a real symbol of the meaninless of the cold war. The Monogram kit is really old but still the best B-58 and I don't think that someone come out a new one in [...]

Review: Caudron C.561 – 1:72 resin kit by SBS Model

Caudron C-461 and C-561 were built as French participants for the Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe 1936. The two aircraft C-461 derived on the C-460 using the same engine Renault 456, while the single C-561 followed the type C-560 installing [...]