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My workbench created in 2008.

December 28, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 20 Comments

I presente you my little workbench created in august 2008...

Happy new year


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20 responses

  1. whole factory!
    You can retreat in domestic legal difficulties with his wife. Installed a bed you never know?

  2. Outstanding. I really like that dog.

    • Thank you so much.

      I also love this breed of dog. But unfortunately for us and for her, she died too soon at the age of 5 years and a half. After we welcomed a new small Bull who unfortunately this part was when she was not yet 5 years. We were very sad to lose so quickly these two adorable English bull terrier. Since November 1, we had a real little devil ... A french bulldog

      Best regards,


  3. This clearly won't work as a man cave - no sauna...?

  4. Truly a modeler's dream man-cave.

  5. Very ice pad Eric, sorry to hear about your dogs.

  6. Thank you so much Simon 🙂


  7. Nice workbench and man cave there Eric 🙂

  8. Eric, first rate work, from the ground up! Looks like General Pattons dog, Willie.

  9. Man that is great!

  10. Having such a magnificent work place must be a real bonue, well done, Eric.

  11. That's not a "workbench", either...that's a nice addition to the house, though. And speaking of nice additions, how about a better shot of your "helper".? 🙂 🙂

  12. Thank you very much men 😉


  13. Awesome, Eric.
    How do you stay warm in there...if you need to?
    How often is the person in the white shorts allowed in?
    Great set-up.

    • HI Bob,
      Thank you very much. She is allowed to remain in my studio but in general I am here when she works in the hospital and it is very often on weekends...

      Best regards,


  14. Great area, Eric!

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