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No detail is too small (video)

Modelers will enjoy this new promotional video by Singapore Airlines. It endorses paper card modeling, and incredibly, all of the shown elements seem to be a part of a complete 1/20 scale paper Airbus A380 model comissioned by the company. I’d sure love to learn the name of the builder!

Once you’ve admired the commercial, there’s also the short “making of” clip:

…and a timelapse from building a single Business class section:

This is some incredible workmanship… Enjoy

6 responses to No detail is too small (video)

  1. Expertly modeled by a master craftsman. However, waaay beyond my level of skill AND patience. Thanks for posting…..most humbling to most of us.

  2. We have a Polish modeller in our club and he only models in this medium. I think too there’s a new SIG called Card Models UK which we see exhibiting at some shows.

  3. We have a club member who only builds paper – airplanes at this point. Seems to be an up and coming hobby. Not my cup of tea, but I appreciate the skill – especially for the scratch builders like the above example.

  4. That brings a whole new meaning to paper airoplane!
    I’ve never seen anything like that before!

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