Target Tug Thunderjet, pt 1

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Hi all! I signed up to iModeler a long time ago , but since then I have only checked other postings. This will be my first own. It will serve as a test but also to see if I can gain anything (like a whip/carrot...) from posting here.

Now, the model is Tamiya´s Republic F-84G in 1/48 scale. Had it for long as I always found the Korean War era jets fascinating. The NMF has held me back though and I almost sold it earlier this year, now I´m glad I didn´t. Never considered myself a serious aviation modeller I thought " why not give it a chance and see what I could do with it", so now I have begun snipping parts and gluing them together. To get away from the NMF theme I will go for an all yellow plane. Now what, you may think, who ever painted such a beauty in all yellow? Have no idea if it ever was but I will paint and dress it up as a Swedish target tug from the 60´s. Swedish target tugs have been yellow since after WW 2 and they have been favourites of mine for ever. SAAB B 17, Douglas Skyraider, Gloster Meteor, Miles Martinet, Fairey Firefly and De Havilland Venom were all flown in a yellow livery in Swedish service.

So far I´ve painted the cockpit area and some minor bits and pieces, cleaned upp all other parts and closed up the fuselage. Now it´s just the rest to do...

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  1. Glad to see you "testing the waters", as it were, Stellan. And if you're not a "serious" aviation what...sometimes too much 'seriousness' can detract from the fun and relaxation. Your yellow Thunderjet target tug is a case in point. I've never seen one, but that by no means doesn't suggest there may indeed have been one somewhere, sometime, who knows?

    I'll be interested in seeing the end result AND seeing what other builds you may have in store for us. Welcome to one of the best modeling forums out there and don't be such a stranger from now on.

    As for your trepidation into the NMF world, check out my turotial on NMF finishes if you wish:

    There are a number of other methods incorporated by better modelers than I, but I found this the easiest for me with satisfactory results. Good luck and continue to post articles - new members can often enlighten us fellow modelers with their techniques and innovations. Again, good to have you on board.

  2. Thanks, Craig. Much appreciate your comment. Will check out your article re NMF. Hope to lay my hands on Vallejos new metal colours in a while, maybe they will sort out some of my plain metal anxiety.

  3. As Craig said - glad you are jumping in! Every post and comment make this a better site, and I'm eager to see your finished Thunderjet. Variety is the spice of life...!

  4. Thanks, Greg. A warm welcome always helps to stay put. Now I´m waiting for this day´s work to set. Stay tuned for more yellow paint to come. While the Thud is resting I´m working on something completely different; a Savoia S.21 in Swedish colours! If all works out, I´ll post something in the how-to category as well.

  5. I have now repeated this text and photos in Work-in-progress-Aviation, where it should be... Keeping this post here though as I appreciate Craig´s and Greg´s comments.

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