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1/48 f-4j

Another one of my phantoms. Hasegawa 1/48 F-4J, It has a resin cockpit ,dropped the slats and flaps and replaced them with resin and it has resin pylons

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13 responses to 1/48 f-4j

  1. Sharp work! Subtle weathering – I like it.

  2. VERY VERY NICE. Awesome repositioning of control surfaces- adds a very nice element to the build!
    I am jealous- I have a B and RF-4B in the pipeline now.
    One bit of advice, try two lamps to increase your lighting- one on each side. A third “fill” lamp (oblique angle in front) might be good too.
    Check your digital camera settings for the type of lamps you are using- flourescent or incandescent.
    I had a little success with mine by lightening afterwards as well (see my gallery) but I think I need to do daylight with a tripod, or inside with a tripod for best results. too busy right now with work to shoot my most recent build completions -early F6F-3 and A6M-2, but that is what i hope to do when I can.

  3. Lloyd, great work on the 4J. Dropping the slats and flaps really adds something, makes it look real. Whose resin cockpit?

  4. Phabulous Phantom, Lloyd…excellent build – can’t have too many F-4’s on the shelf IMO….(and I’ve seen much worse photography – they look fine to me). Love your work, sir.

  5. Nice work, Lloyd. It’s easy to overwork the panel lines with too much discolouration but looks like you’ve managed to keep things under control.

    Would be good to see the cockpit as you’ve added the (better?) resin version.

  6. Another great-looking Phantom.

  7. Another great looking Phantom, Lloyd (oops, I think Greg has already said that, but I agree with him!).

  8. Beautiful Phantom, Lloyd!

  9. Beautiful build and great job choosing a different paint scheme than you usually see! Love the Phantom, it and the A-4 were why I joined the Navy. Of course they were both on their way out, almost gone when I joined, but as a kid the F-4 was my dream jet.

  10. Lloyd,
    May I just add my compliments for a beautiful job on this.

  11. Terrific work on your Phantom, Lloyd! I’ve never been able to work up the courage to drop the flaps and slats in a Phantom like you. I’m going to have to give it a try on my next Phantom build.

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