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1/48 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6

January 4, 2016 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3.1K

Here's my Messerschmitt BF 109G-6.

This project was initially triggered by the anticipation for Eduard's much-advertised new Bf 109G-6. The G-6 model of the Messerschmitt is the classic of classics but believe it or not, I had not modeled it previously. The prospect of a new state-of-the art kit provided an inspiration for filling that gap. Alas, as is widely known, the Eduard kit fell rather short of the expectations, but my inspiration to model a G-6 prevailed. In the end, I stumbled upon a second-hand Hasegawa Bf 109G-6 boxing in a local hobby shop, bought it, and the project was on!

This kit is one of the Hasegawa classics of the 1990s that helped establish the company as the Bf 109 specialists on the market (a position that Eduard is currently trying to topple). This kit is still very much a pleasure to build, with great fit, easy construction. The only flaws to mention are the visible sing marks on the flaps and the lack of positive adjustment for the main landing gear, both easily rectified with some basic modelling skill.

As per the 1990s standard there are no rivets, just fine panel lines, but these would be pretty easy to apply/roll on if one wants to. There had been some discussion about dimensional accuracy of the Hasegawa kit, but to my eye, the resulting model looks every bit the part, unlike the Eduard offering which in its current incarnation appears a bit odd in places!

Besides this, there's a wealth of aftermarket which would have been tempting to use if this wasn't intended to be an OOB build! I only opted for two extras - Eduard's seat belts plus hydraulic lines to spruce up the rather plain-looking landing gear a bit. Oh, and of course the antenna wiring.

I have finished the kit in the markings of JG5 "Eismeer" from Third Group Decals' Bf 109F/G sheet devoted to that unit - also that a second-hand purchase, the sheet being long out of production. The Black 4 appeared to be a somewhat nondescript machine from 8./JG5, stationed in Norway. I was attracted by the monochrome nature of the scheme, broken only by the yellow lower cowling and wingtips.

This was the first time I've been using Third Group Decals, but despite their age they performed admirably. Also, each outlined number was provided as two decals to allow for perfect alignment between the white and the black. This worked like a charm. I would not hesitate to purchase more sheets from this company. In contrast, the red wing walkway lines come from the Hasegawa sheet and I would not use them again - their thickness was rather prominent, and it took quite a bit of effort to conceal it!

I tried to go heavier on the weathering, but although I'm pleased with the result I think I was perhaps still a bit too restrained!

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  1. Beautiful job Martin, the weathering is fine.Some modelers take it a little too far for my tastes. Is that a decal on the spinner or did you use paint?

  2. Nice build, Martin...can't have too many -109's, right? I'm of the same mind as Tom re "weathering" - one would find all manner of wear & tear on these aircraft...even those with little or no 'weathering' at some point.
    I'm ashamed to say I find it difficult to differentiate between the many variations of the 109. Aside from the Emil (with the rear elevator supports) and a few "bumps and bulges" added on others, they all look pretty much alike to ME. 🙁
    Again, nice work on this one.

  3. excellent weathering, it looks like a well used machine!

  4. It's a brave man who takes a macro lens to a model. Excellent work.

  5. Very nice Martin / Well done. I have built a few of these Hasegawa 109s and have enjoyed everyone. I still consider them the top 109 kits out there.

  6. Lovely build! You are as adept at modeling as you are at web site administrating (and that's real good)!

  7. Really lovely '109 build and finish. I agree that the Hase remains the standard in 1/48 (are there other scales?...). A pity about Eduard's efforts... they get some things beautifully, but in either fit (Fw 109s... Bf 110s...) or shape (the Fw 109) or size (BF 109G), they fall flat.

    Also agree that the ubiquitous Gustav 6 is, if not definitive, captures the essence of the '109 beautifully.

    Have to wonder a bit about the umbrella clips an a Norway based machine but as we know with Luftwaffe A/C, "Allies ist moglicht". Many thanks for posting this great build- excellent modeling!

  8. A very neat yet convincing build, with just the right amount of weathering (in my view}, and excellent photography. Thank you very much for showing it to us.

  9. Again a splendid build. Hasegawas 109 F/G/K series are little gems.

  10. I like it a lot, Martin. Hasegawa is still going strong with 109.

  11. Very very nice Martin. As a believer in the "less is more" theory, I think your weathering is great. Hasegawa's are still the ones to beat for 109s.

  12. Wow, very nice model, I like the smooth finish and the light weathering!

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