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Cowling at the moon…

Happy New Years everyone! I am finally done with the cowlings for my COD. The Kinetic kit provided the basic shapes, but that was about as far as they got. The configuration of the scoops and vents was hit or miss at times and in other spots just plain wrong. Fortunately I took lots of pictures on my deployment of Password 32 “Queen Anne’s Revenge” and was able to correct most if not all of the issues. I also decided to add the various patches that are often found on C-2 cowlings. They take a lot of abuse and are subject to stress cracks, which eventually must be patched over. The port outer cowl of 32 has several patches after an unfortunate episode involving a tow tractor and a young man not looking before he backed up! Over all I am happy, but man it feels like I spent as much time on the nacelles as I have on the rest of the kit so far! Next the props!

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5 responses to Cowling at the moon…

  1. Faithfully replicated, Rob….firsthand knowledge is a big asset when modeling a familiar subject. This’ll be a winner, I can tell.

  2. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :

  3. Love your attention to detail, and to working toward the most realistic representation possible! I look forward to seeing all that detail in the final product!

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