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January 21, 2016 · in Armor · · 10 · 2.1K

OK sorry if this bugs people but I had to put my Smolensk dio on hold for a short time. This is my current project on my bench. Hoping to make a small vignette if I can find images of tents or at least some sort of lean to with tank crew at rest or brewing up.

Hi sorry for not posting recently but hospital seems to be playing a wrather large part in my life lately however here are a few shots which show the interior almost complete as well as a few additions to the outside including the addition of wiring harness for the front lights as well as the chroming of the front lamps themselves. Hopefully I'll get more done if my breathing decides to play its part for a while. Progress includes interior completed even though no one will ever see it. Running gear and working track next. Added wiring harnesses to both front and rear tracks as well as adding foil to the front lights which will be toned down after painting the rest of the tank. Well work continues with the wheels now constructed but fixed in place as well as work beginning on the individual link tracks which are testing my resolve some what. Also decided to add a hold down strap on the spare fuel can which is made from foil. Stay tuned folks there's more to come lol. Here are the latest pictures of my current build which I'm sorry to say is going much slower than I'd like as a lot of my day is now spent on oxygen which precludes doing much of anything anyway as this kit does not come with any form of hold down for the Jerry cans I've taken it upon myself to make the brackets and strap myself. The strap is made from a strip of cloth like su stance which is actually a glasses lens wipe available from Aldi which has a natural material weave to it so looks pretty good with a heavily thinned down red leather paint applied (Vallejo 871 leather brown if anyone is interested). Today has seen a colour change at last though working with air cans is a pain and expensive I really want to get this finished also made the addition of carrier bracket to the fuel can storage tray as well as the side storage bin on the opposite side.

Latest images show a colour change or in fact two colour changes with the desert yellow main colour first which was today added tonwith the blue after much sole searching over the correct shade to use. Some touching up to do but hopefully tracks, side shields and other parts will added in the next few days. All painting done via old badger single action air brush and compressed air cans as I'm minus a compressor right now. Thanks for sticking with me.

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  1. As you mentioned both, now is a good time for a question. Just what IS the difference between a "vignette" and a "diorama" anyway? 🙁

  2. Steve, whose M3 kit? Tamiya had one, anybody else? I'm an airplane guy, ergo the dumb question. M3s don't get no respect.

  3. Mine is the academy version.

  4. Hi Steve, I'm guessing this is 1/35 scale... check out the Tamiya website for their range of tank crews and accessories, you might get some inspiration/help there.

  5. Nice start, Steven 🙂

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