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Revell 1/48 Ventura Mk.II

October 16, 2019 · in Aviation · · 14 Comments

I started this around 12 September 2019. I didn't take any "Action" shots, just plodded through the build per usual. I have to admit my MOJO was pretty low, but I managed to plug away a little each night most nights. I drilled 56 holes in one engine for wires, but putting the wires in became such a chore I stopped after two cylinders. Once the props are on the engine face it isn't that visible but, they are conspicuous by their absence. The fit is quite good, albeit I should have taken more time with the nose. The forward fuselage is a separate piece, (two pieces) molded clear. I didn't spend a lot of time fitting it, as it seemed to fit quite well, but after being primed I could see a bit more care would have been prudent. The model didn't require a lot of sanding just the usual, very little filler was used as compared with the Monogram B-24's I have been building as of late. The Real pain in the arse was the gear doors! My gosh what a fiddly bit they were! All in all, I am pleased with the way it turned out. It wears the scheme well. I free handed the camouflage with the help of penciled lines but my airbrush tip is a bit wonky and I couldn't seem to get a fine line, next time I will use paper masks or get a new tip. I used to be able to get a pretty good line at one time. I scoped out the tip and it's a bit tweaked from dropping. Revell offers two schemes for the model, I chose the RAF scheme representing a Ventura Mk.I from 21 Squadron based out of Methwold, England in May 1943. The other scheme offered is a RNZAF Ventura Mk.II from No. 487 Squadron, also based out of Methwold in May 1943. I don't know what the difference is between a MK.I and a MK.II. Avieology makes a series of decals for RCAF air craft and the Revell USA release includes markings for a Canadian Ventura.

The Model isn't finished, I need to put the antenna leads on it but wanted to get some pics off while I am thinking about it. I will update once I get 'er done.

I used the kit decals, Tamiya XF 21 Sky for the under sides, True Color RAF Dark Green and True Color RAF Dark Earth for the Camouflage, Testors Model Master Gunmetal for the guns and Tamiya XF-69 Nato Black for the tires with a little Testors Neutral dry brushing to bring out the details. I tried my hand at oils again, but not happy with the results, I should enter the 21st century and get some of that Tamiya Panel Line Highlighting paint. "Next time he says."

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14 responses

  1. Turned out nice so far, not bad for a "fast" build 😉

  2. Looks good from here Mark. The RAF camo or the Atlantic grey/white schemes always look right on the Ventura. Good looking base as well.

  3. I like it Mark. Nice job.

  4. Yeah - what they said... 🙂

  5. beautifully done

  6. Thanks everyone for looking in and your kind comments. All duly appreciated.

  7. I've built the PV-1 version of this kit and it is quite a nice, easy and relaxing build. (Parts fit is so good I didn't even glue my horizontal tail on, just pressed it in place after painting!) The open bomb bay doors were the only fiddly bits for me. Yours looks quite nice in RAF colors with the giant turret on its back. The B&W photo looks great too. (Looks like the RAF boys "borrowed" a tug from the B-24 base too!)

  8. Thanks Josh for your comments and looking in. I could have done the same with the wings, good tight fit. I left the bomb bay doors closed for the reason you cited. I mah have to fix the gear doors prior to the landing gear. What a pain.

  9. Obviously "No Mojo" can work as good as "Mojo" with some persistence added in. Great result!

  10. Very nice work despite the lack of enthusiasm. Highly recommend the Tamiya Panel Line paint. A bit of experimenting showed that if I removed the excess within half an hour I got the best results

  11. Thanks for checking out the build. After finishing the model I am now enthused to start the Navy variant. I will be trying out the Tamiya Panel Line paint as well. I have heard good things about it, much better than oils.

  12. Hello Mark,
    Thanks for sharing this old veteran with us.
    It looks very professional. Regards, Dirk

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