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Revell 1/72 Type VII U Boat

February 10, 2016 · in Ships · · 14 · 4.8K

Hello everyone,

Here is my first completion for 2016. It was built as a commission for a friend at work. You may recall a previous build I posted of another submarine I built, also for said same friend. A couple of pictures show the two of them together, both in the same scale.

This is the third of this kit I have built. It is a very impressive model, although I,ll be honest, the detail on the smaller parts could be better, which lets it down a bit. However, there are any amount of after market parts available for it, running to hundreds of pounds, if you chose to put this level of detail and effort into it.

This one was built from the box, sprayed in Mr Color acrylics, and weathered using oils. I hope you like it.

Happy modelling everyone!

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  1. Now THAT is just spectacular, Ian...what a beautiful job!

  2. Yes, indeed! You nailed the "Used but not abused" look.
    Love the comparison photos of this with the later sub.
    Museum stuff!

  3. Fantastic! Weathering and finish is just beautiful. Well done - one to be proud of.

  4. Nice job!
    Shows just how far you can get by building OOB and then doing a good paint job. It isn't the amount of aftermarket parts that makes the model. It's basic modelling skills and a good paint job.
    Hat off.

  5. Fantastic, realistic finish on this submarine, tricky to photograph though.

  6. That is totally off the chain, Ian. Awesome work

  7. Nice work. It's a real trick to keep the weathering consistent on something that big.

  8. Great looking model, Ian.

  9. Thank you for all your kind comments. I enjoyed doing this one, and it had the benefit of having two previous outings on the same kit, so I did have a good idea of the level of weathering it needed.
    Ian, my customer, did most of the photography. Despite my best efforts, in my daughters opinion, this is still an "area for development" in my modelling skill set! :o)

  10. Really nice Ian. I like the comparison pictures with the modern boat.

  11. Sir echo, on the adjectives dept. Its all good.

    What would really punch up the great work on this boat... is having a deck crew. I know its a commissioned piece. But if one where to build another kit and create more museum quality modeling...

  12. Nice U boat Ian! It looks to be a fairly big model as well! Great weathering.

  13. Yes great weathering technique, I also enjoyed the interesting comparisons with the other subs.

  14. Thanks for all your feedback guys.
    Now its back to my own stuff...a couple of projects to finish off, then I have a date with an Academy 1/48 F-4B as part of the group build... :o)

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