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The New Airfix Defiant in 1:48

Here are a few pictures of the all new Airfix 1:48 scale Defiant which I have built for Airfix Modelworld Magazine and is featured in the new issue of the magazine which came out yesterday. I have to say this is a superb kit, fit is excellent and the detail is just great, the cockpit and gun turret are amazingly well done. This is not one of the kit schemes, there were no decals available for the build. Hope you like the pictures!

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

24 responses to The New Airfix Defiant in 1:48

  1. Incredibly beautiful build kit!
    I hope to soon be able to buy

  2. What a mouth-watering subject in this scale… your build looks great and it is reassuring to learn that it goes together as good as you describe it. Dear Airfix, count me in!

  3. You’ve made an ugly airplane (at least in my opinion), into a beautiful build, sir. Exquisite job indeed.

  4. Fantastic. I built the CA kit, and then heard about this a week later at the time. Still tempted though.:)

  5. Can’t WAIT to get my paws on this one. Your build is of course, gorgeous.

  6. Very nice build and finish. Happy to see a good kit of this in 1/48.

  7. Cannot explain why, but I think that (in 1:48) the Defiant makes a superb model. Really like the finish you’ve got on yours, and like the others looking forward to getting my paws on one soon.


  8. One I never thought I’d see in 1/48th, after the Classic Airframes. Looks like the wait was worthwhile.

  9. Great looking build, Alan.

  10. Thanks everyone, your comments are much appreciated! I was amazed at the number of comments this received overnight, looks like this will be a popular kit.

  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Note to self, make room on the shelf for a new Airfix Defiant and P-40. One thing I like about some of these Airfix kits is that they are build able. Its frustrating to see a “Professional experten modeler” build a kit and have them write about how easy it is to build and then gloss over some of the speed bumps in the kit. The average modeler then buys and gets frustrated with his project. Airfix has put some thought into the engineering into these kits when it comes to building a fit. It helps to some of the computer generated images before release too. Thank you, for posting Alan.

  13. I was sold on this the first time I heard the news, but for any holdouts I am sure this beautiful model will seal the deal.

  14. Bigger than my tiny 1/144 aircraft, but a beautiful build

  15. Nice, clean build – thanks for posting!

  16. Thanks for all the comments everyone, looks like Airfix will be selling a lot of these judging from what has been said here!
    When I get a chance I’ll photograph this and the Classic Airframes Defiant together so you can all see the differences between them.

  17. Alan, great idea and thanks for doing so.

  18. Excellent build ! A must have !

  19. Didn’t they eventually utilize these as target tugs? Could be some striking schemes out there!

  20. Josh, target tows and Air Sea Rescue, latterly. Once the kit is out, aftermarket will probably follow, as well as articles on doing different variatons.

  21. Fantastic kit. I’m looking forward to buy this new Airfix Defiant after I saw your work. Thanks for sharing your work.

  22. My comment is a bit late but I am in the process of building this kit with the open cockpit and per Alan.I agree that it is an excellent kit bit for me,I needed to shave a tiny bit off the sides of the guns to get the clear part to fit and a little bit off the decking to allow for the opened turret doors but apart from that – absolutely super and thank the lord for Eduard canopy masks.

    • Yes William you may find the turret parts a bit if a tight fit, I had to do a little trimming but I had a test shot so I don’t know how this translated into the production kit. Dry fit the canopy and turret to ensure you have worked out how to fit the turret as its difficult once the canopy is in place.

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