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Where it begins-The man hut

February 27, 2016 · in Uncategorized · · 17 · 2.1K

What is the perfect workshop that is away from the house. Assembling and painting takes place here in my little shop. Some of the stash is here as well. Only drawback is that there are no comms in the shed. Something I will plan to add down the road. Though with wi fi I can have a tablet in with me. Otherwise build with the sounds of classic rock. With fans strategically placed in the So California heat and a cross breeze I can keep it comfy, in the at times chilly fall and winter seasons (really in So California!) a heater keeps me cozy. That little white desk I found about 20 years ago has been a faithful friend over the years. Will tweak it a little more this summer, more shelving and storage for the paints and tools. Thanks for viewing.

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  1. A nice place full of fun ! Nice stash and projects by the way.

  2. Sometimes wish I had a "fortress of solitude", too. 🙁

  3. THAT looks like what I want. A true man cave getaway space. I just hope 1 You're in Florida or 2 you have a really good heater.

  4. Ye olde shed.
    Looks great Chuck.
    I use to have one many years ago, when I was living at home.
    A converted dunny, enough room for a bench and shelves etc.
    Own light to, but cold as hell in the winter though LOL.

  5. Chuck, I like the fact that you're away from the house, so no issues woith fumes from the paint, thinners, and solvents.
    Did you build this, or was it a prefab they delivered? In my area, the Amish are famous for that, it's entertaining to see them do a delivery. They use PVC pipes as rollers, once it's off the truck and on the ground.
    Mine houses the yard care stuff, and the snow removal stuff.

  6. No it came with the house, now if it was built at the time the house was I couldn't say. I would say it was added later as the materials on the shed are different from the house. The house was built around 1900 or so. Nice historic neighborhood we live in.

  7. Looks pretty cosy, Chuck, hope you have a fire extinguisher handy, just in case...

  8. Man - looks like a juggling act keeping all those projects in different phases of build! You must have some mental acuity (or good notes) to keep track of where you are...

    Nice to see the skiis and tennis racket with the stash. After all, man does need to get outside (occasionally)!

  9. Thanks Greg, in that corner is the winter sports stuff, racquetball and tennis equipment. the other corner holds my softball, baseball and football goodies. Trying to stay fit. The side of the shed I also have my Cannondale for those day bike trips which I am going to do more often. I just cannot build just one project. You know at times you get stuck or lose motivation on a project so I try to have several going at different stages. Some require some procedures that get tedious and that sometimes you can sit for an hour or so and then I need to put it up after a hiccup or a goof so I step away for awhile. And work on something else.

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