Fiat BR-20 Italeri 1/72

March 9, 2016 · in Aviation · · 12 · 1.7K

Back to the hobby in 2016 with a very old kit being on my shelf for 20 years. During construction I tried to overcome some major problems (later I found on the web many comments referring to this kit's problems), which were mainly that many parts didn't fit well (I had to overcome a huge ''valley'' between fuselage and clear nose part ). The final result could be better but I will apply the lessons learned to my next construction- I hope you like it ! DSC02799DSC02876DSC03013DSC03016DSC03021DSC03052DSC03054DSC03056DSC03063DSC03055

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  1. Great job, really cool camouflage.

  2. Welcome back to the hobby!
    Some pretty brutal modelling here. I've used clamps a few times when modelling, but never such a big one.
    Good end result, considering that it's your first build in a long time.
    Your attitude is exactly the right one. Don't try to build the "perfect model". Instead use lessons learned on one model, to make the next one better.
    Keep it up!

  3. The proverbial 'silk purse'...turned out pretty well. Nice paint job, too.

  4. Great result! I´d call that clamp tecnique Modelling by force using such a big metal one. Very unusual sunbject that Fiat, not sure if I ever saw one before. Keep an eye on the roundels when decaling;)

  5. Whatever the problems you've ended up with a great looking model, I'm sure the next one will be even better.

  6. i c spots .

    Very interesting build method just get a bigger clamp,

    Turned out nicely i like it

  7. Looks really good to me! Nice weathering touch. I've got this in my stash also, so thanks for the warning!

  8. The Italian aircraft and colour scheme's are so distinctive - great work for persevering!

  9. Nice job, especially the camo. Keep building and you'll be amazed at how your skill level improves with each model.

  10. Your level of perserverence far exceeds the quality of the sprues. When I saw the size of that grip I half expected to see a lump hammer nearby. Kudos for sheer bloody-minded determination.?

  11. Thank you all for your comments ! To speak honestly, I decided to use the clamp had in my workshop for home repairs when the usual ones refused to hold the fuselage in place- I am surprised that gaining so attention !

  12. Hehehe, we notice the little things right

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