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Tamiya 1/6 Scale Harley FLH Classic……POW/MIA Tribute Bike

March 6, 2016 · in Automotive · · 22 · 2.1K

Well, yet another scale bike. But I wanted to do something completely different. I went with the white frame...

And I chose to completely light this one with LED's.

Construction was the same as the other 1/6 scale that I posted here a while back so I won't get into a lot of construction details here.

Here is the wiring that I added for the "engine glow" that you will see in a photo further down the page.

These are the "decals" that I made especially for this one. They are custom made "temporary" tattoos.

This is the custom made license plate that was made up for this bike.

Here you see the saddlebags and trunk mounted in place.

This is the first photo with the background that I plan on using as a show display at various area contests.

A few outdoor photos in natural sunlight. Showing a bit of the detail.

The following photos were taken in complete darkness with only the available light from the LED's turned on. You can also see the "engine glow" that was mentioned earlier.

These last photos are how I plan on displaying the model.

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22 responses

  1. Absolutely beautiful !

  2. Outstanding in every way, as a model and a tribute. Great work.

  3. Spectacular workmanship, are most assuredly a master craftsman with those bikes. A true work of art you have accomplished there. Stunning!

  4. Awesome tribute to the many M.I.A.'s still out there, beautifully done graphics and build, Superb

  5. I really appreciate the comments. One of the greatest compliments one can receive is admiration from other modelers. When I have achieved that I feel I have accomplished what I set out to do. With the internet our models are now available for viewing on a world-wide basis. So that makes comments even more special than ever before.

  6. Very well thought out build and fantastic craftmanship.

  7. The Bike in itself is amazing. But the tribute to our fallen comrades I deeply appreciate the thought that went into the project. As a veteran who served thank you for that. The passion in this is beyond words.

    USN-R Fly Navy

  8. Hi Harry,
    That is a truly stunning model, really beautiful. It actually looks real.

    I,ve never built a motorbike before, but my partner Tina is a budding biker, and she was as impressed by your model as I was. She says when she eventually gets a bike, I have to build a model of it for her!

    Again, epic work in every respect...well done.

  9. Fantastic modelling Harry. The lighting on it is nothing short of amazing!
    How exactly do you do the custom decals if you don't mind me asking?

  10. Beautiful work.

  11. Gorgeous! And I appreciate the tribute. I wore one of those POW-MIA bracelets for years. Thankfully, my dad returned, but many of his friends didn't.

  12. Very nice, one of my brothers friends was lost on a B-52 mission, I remember him coming home on leave with my brother when I was maybe 5-6, so '65 - '66. Lots of guys still missing.

  13. What a wonderful tribute, being South African, and serving my country while we were at war, makes me feel that this is not only a tribute to US services but to us as well. You built a truly amazing model, well done.

  14. Harry,
    Ran across this article in the "Explore more" feature. Wonderful build and touching tribute.

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