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Airfix 1/48 Hawker Hurricane (new tool)

April 25, 2016 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.8K

I built this a few months ago and it is the kit that started my current "rediscovery" of as a competitive brand. Not a "shake and bake" but well thought out and with a little care builds into a nice aircraft. I did add an Ultracast seat, wheels and exhaust but the remainder is OOB.


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  1. Nicely done example of a nicely engineered kit. Have two now must get cracking, need a trop.

  2. It seems after seeing your Hurricane, I'll have to "rediscover" Airfix as well. I've seen & heard good things about them for a while now and your example just reinforces that way of thinking. Thanks for sharing your build.

  3. Finished mine a few weeks ago. The only issue I have with the kit is Airfix didn't produce enough to meet demand! Very hard to find in the states.

  4. I kept hearing about the Airfix kits and now have one in my stash. I must saw, from what I've seen on reviews and at shows, they are the real deal. By the way, Kent, this is an excellent looking Hurricane. Very well done !

  5. Very impressive build. I have this in the stash and she is a true gem!

  6. Nice build and paint:

  7. Nice work - the new airfix kits are well worth looking at - and this is one of their best - lovely Hurricane Kent

  8. Excellent build of an excellent kit. What I cannot understand is why Airfix (as well as several other model manufacturers) mold the Dzus fasteners as raised detail rather than flush as they should be.

  9. Kent, she's a beauty! Inexpensive, compared to a certain other one, which I haven't seen lately, anyhow. I suspect Airfix was surprised at the demand. I understand their 48th Defiant is a similar situation here in the former colony, currently. Unless you order directly, of course.
    Beats the competition soundly, and given the spare parts, other versions may be on the way. Sea Hurricane, possibly a Trop, and (be still my heart) one of them Recce ones with the camera "bump" underneath.

  10. Great looking Hurricane! I have so many "old" airfix kits in my stash that I can't reasonably justify buying any of the new ones soon (until a whole lotta buildin' has been going on)! Some day...

  11. Kent, welcome to the community (forgot to do it with your first post). Personally I dig the new Airfix, have built way too few of them but the Hurricane is high on my list. Maybe they will even follow with a fabric wing version in this scale.

  12. Thanks one and all. I appreciate the comments and recognise a few names from other forums. I have been a long time lurker here but I likely ease of posting and will participate in more in time.

  13. Very nice work. The Airfix Hurricane is in my mind the best Hurricane kit in 1.48. Superior to Hasegawa's offering by a country mile for accuracy and price. The only thing I might suggest is the panels are not "scale thickness" - sanding then thinner works wonders.

    Yes indeed, you can already do a Trop and a Sea Hurricane with what's in the box, provided you have decals.

    • Tom, I agree on the "scale thickness" and to be honest, did have it down to do but just forgot in the excitement of finishing a project, any project! I appreciate you stopping by.


  14. A fine looking Hurricane. gun bays are great.

  15. I really like your header picture, it sets off this model very well, and it's great to see Airfix on a roll, long may it last.

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