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Lockheed C 130 A Hercules, A97-212, 36 Sqn RAAF Richmond NSW 1963.

April 6, 2016 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.9K

, my first C130, with my own resin propellers and wing tanks, I added some cockpit detail, opened the side cargo door, re-profiled the rear of the engine nacelles and tail, finished in Model Master enamels and metalizer 1401, Aussie decals and Future. One thing I wish I had done was to move the inner engines back so they are in line with the outer engines, maybe one day I will risk this modification. Photo 4 shows re-attaching the antennae, made from invisible mending thread, after a mishap, photo 5 fitting wing spar to C130E.

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  1. Allen, this is gorgeous. You have done a beautiful job on this. This is one of those models that actually looks better than the real thing. If I may make one suggestion, don't mess with it. I would have never noticed the engine position issue if you had not said anything. As a fellow model, may I say "you will regret it". This is just too nice as it is. Very nice !

  2. Allan, I have to echo Terry's comments: just beautiful.

  3. You certainly know your stuff regarding these Hercules, and your knowledge and enthusiasm really shows through in these finished models, this looks particularly gorgeous.

  4. I can but only concur with the above comment(s)...kudos to YOU, Allan.

  5. Really beautiful, nice to see the early" A" bird.

  6. Your build shows great skill and attention to detail. Just a gorgeous C-130!

  7. Absolutely stunning!

    How does the kit go together?
    I have the KC-130J version, with resin sponsons and nacelles. My son is a USMC power line mechanic, and I'd like to build one of his machines.

    • Thanks James, no real problems with the build, the cargo floor is a bit tricky to position if you have the crew entry or rear door open so you can see it, do the resin nacelles allow for Italeri's miss-alignment? I also put a brass tube wing spar in all my herc's.

  8. Sparkling work, and excellent presentation.

  9. Beautiful build, looked great when I saw it all those years ago!

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