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P-40B American Volunteer Group (AVG) – airfix 1/72

August 14, 2015 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.4K

This model represents the plane flown by Flight Leader Charles "Chuck" Older for the AVG in China 1941/42.

To see the whole W.I.P. visit my blog:

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  1. Wow, another one! Arguably I like this better than the first offering, not that there's much between them, just personal preference. Nice.

  2. Beautifully done! As a fellow 1/72er, I love to see well finished/weathered 1/72 aircraft, especially fighters (i.e. "small!").

  3. The hits jus' keep on comin'...the detail(s), weathering and workmanship keep shinin' through. Keep up the good work, Paulo.

  4. Great work - love the weathering on the prop and leading edges - well done!

  5. Paolo, I like P-40s, too. This is a beaut.
    Charlie Older went on postwar to become a judge in California. He tried the Manson case, a particularly brutal murder case involving several movie folks.
    The AVG is always an interesting choice, and shark mouths could be a theme collection of their own.

  6. Thanks guys! These new Airfix series are just so sweet to build.

  7. Beautiful model! It simply shows your skill and mastery. One technical question - how did you fill the panel lines? This is something I'm struggling to achieve. Some kind of wash? And I really like your sensible weathering - just perfect for the scale. Thanks.

    • Hi mate

      I usually do a pre-shading using XF02 Black before aplying the paint coats and then I make sure I don't completely cover it when applying the camouflage. After everything is painted, I apply a coat of Future and apply decals followed by another coat of Future and then I lightly apply a wash, mostly Tamiya Panel Line Accent. There are three colours (grey, black and brown) I then mix them to achieve a shade that doesn't stand out so much (believe-me I learned in the worst way, I'll show you some of my old builds). Apply wash, let it dry for about 15min and remove it using a fine tip brush dipped in Tamiya X20 enamel thinner. That's it!



      • Thank you Paulo. I use almost the same techniques, but never managed to get satisfactory results with panel lines mainly because it's too dark or light, next time I'll try some mixing as you suggested. Thanks a lot mate.

  8. that is a fine build

  9. Paolo,!
    I like Tyger P-40

  10. Like I said somewhere else on this, 1/72 is definitely making a comeback, this P-40 is great.

  11. Thanks all for the kind words

  12. Pilots liked the fact it could often get them home after sustaining heavy damage, as well as being able to inflict it with its armament of six machine guns. The P-40B became synonymous with the shark mouth motif, due to both its use with112 Squadron and the American Volunteer Group in China.

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