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Eduard 1/72 Fw-190A-8 (Profipack)

April 6, 2016 · in Aviation · · 7 · 2.3K

The Fw-190A-8 was the most-produced sub-type, refined for anti-bomber interception with heavy 13mm machine guns replacing the 7.7mm weapons in the fuselage. With that weight and the extra armor, the Fw-190A-8 was not the dog-fighter its predecessors had been. JG 5 Eismeer was formed from II/JG 77 in 1942, fought on the Arctic front in Norway and Finalnd. IV/JG 5 was based in southern Norway with Fw-190A and Bf-109G interceptors and fought the Beaufighters and Mosquitos from the Banff Wing.

I think 's kit (which can also be built as an A-5/A-6 if you have decals, otherwise wait for the A-5 release in a month or so) is the best 1/72 Fw-190A series kit out there. Has the different open or closed canopies in both flat top and "Galland hood." Beautiful petite detail, the profipack photo-etch gives great detail. Decals have full stenciling. I did the boxart airplane.

A real winner on all counts.

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7 responses

  1. Hey Tom,
    Much to like about your build and finish here. Colors are very appealing, though I'll not be foolish enough to step into the minefield of "correctness" issues. Psst... looks like great interpretations of scale corrected values of Monogram chips IM (not so) HOP. 😉

    From your praise of the kit, I'm guessing that the bunnymen made significant improvements on the fit/complexity issues over their 1/48 kits, in which, I believe, we were in agreement.

    Any hoo, all modeling snobbery/BS aside, a very nice looking Wurger.



    • Trust me, this kit is the exact opposite of the 1/48 kits. If they would put this strategy into effect with their 1/48 kits, I would go back to being a no holds barred Eduard enthusiast. Am just involved in doing a couple Eduard Spitfires, and yeah they are without a doubt the best Spitfire kits ever, but fiddly as hell and when I look at certain parts/assemblies and then look at Airfix doing the same 6-part difficult assembly as a 2-part easy assembly that you cannot see the difference when completed, well,. that's why I have my disagreements with Eduard.

      But this kit - they did it right.

  2. Looks nice Tom! Good-looking 1/72 project. Well done.

  3. Das is good , great build

  4. Still thinking your build & finish are excellent, but looking again I think I see Eduard's tubular/cylindrical cowl problem as held over from the 1/48 effort.

  5. Very nice Tom; especially the mottling on your camouflage. Wish my 1/48 kit was as simple to build.

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