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February 24, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 11 Comments

Well this has to be a record for me, at least in the last couple of decades, 3 models since Christmas and ready to start another. So MPCs Don "Snake" Prudhomes' Yellow Feather 1972 Top Fuel . The kit itself was, as is often the case with , a bit rough around the edges. The body needed some work to mate well top to bottom, and the frame took forever to get the mold seams and flash off of. The chrome is problematic, and honestly has no place on a race car as chrome adds weight. I either stripped it or toned t down. My yellow is not quite the right shade, I used Tamiya Chrome Yellow straight out of the rattle can. It went on glossy, smooth and dried hard. The only thing I added was plug wires, MPC did not provide a distributor so I used a piece of hollow tubing, stuck the wires in and called it good! The cardboard "drag strip" is now in the recycle bin, but I could not resist taping it together for a photo or two. Next up AMTs Silhouette show car. I plan on building it in the colors of my favorite hot wheels car from my childhood. Bright purple, using Alclads' candy colors

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  1. Ahhh...this brings back memories - nice job!

  2. Very Cool!


  3. One thing I found interesting was the instructions called to put the decals on at the beginning of the build and then slice them apart at the seams of the body. Other than the obvious problems with screwing up your decals as you go, many of the sponsors logos were vinyl stickers applied before each event ( not each heat) and covered seams and such. So cutting them at the seams would have been inaccurate!

  4. A really great job!

  5. Nice job Rob. And yes, it brings back memories. Prudhomme was my favorite dragster driver back in the day.

  6. Mine too. I would love to have the Snake vs Mongoose Hot Wheels Set, I bet they are $$$$ if you can find one!

  7. Nicely done Rob, actually watching these dragsters race is something to behold. Ear muffs are a must.

  8. I wish I still had my Snake vs Mongoose set also!
    And Lions was the place for Drag Racing in SoCal.

  9. fabulous rail rob...wish you had saved the prop...reminds me of the old monogram props from my "yute"

  10. Well done, Rob! Takes me back a few years.

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