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Icareodesign 1/32 Scale Extra 330-SC

Here we go again,

I received this wonderful little kit from Nita at Icaerodesign, It arrived in a really small box, that was filled with the most wonderful Resin castings that I have seen in a long time, not to mention the White metal and Photo etch.

This kit came together really well and I loved the build, the only issue I had was with the 3D printed cockpit frame and the engine mount, this was printed quite rough and it was a real challenge to sand everything smooth for painting.

‘Then every thing went wrong’

I painted the kit in the American Aerobatic team colors and it just didn’t look cool enough,

I stripped all the paint off and started again, I did this 5 TIMES, I did all the masking and painting as there were no decals for the kit, I went through more paint and Tamiya Masking tape than I used on my 1/32 scale B 25, talk about a s****r for punishment, till I had a color scheme that I thought was good enough, I also wanted a really glossy finish, which was quite a job to get, as I have been building models that are weathered and finished with a matt coat.

Well, if I was fortunate to have a Extra 330, and I lived in Switzerland, I would want it painted like this.

Hope you like it.



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21 responses to Icareodesign 1/32 Scale Extra 330-SC

  1. Awesome finish on this one. Great work.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Marc.

  3. Great work, love the engine detail.

  4. Awesome model, my congratulations!

  5. Wow – beautifully done finish! You really achieved a great gloss sheen, and a striking color scheme to boot!

    • I used Tamiya Gloss Clear, I added a first coat and lightly sanded the whole model with fine water paper, and the re coated with the clear gloss, about 50% thinners and 50% paint. It worked out quite ok. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Fabulous job…..first one of these I’ve seen.

  7. I may have to buy one of those next payday. I always wanted to build the plane that Patty Wagstaffr flew. Looks real cool.

  8. I absolutely love it!

  9. A stunning model in any language!! Well done!!!

  10. Baie Dankie my maater.
    Tell me Morne, do you have any reference on the SAAF Mirage 3 BZ ?, I am busy with a conversion and I cant find any cockpit pictures. I would be much appreciated if you have anything to mail me.

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