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Join the Navy they said….!

April 26, 2016 · in Diorama · · 8 · 2.1K

Here’s another little fun build of mine: The idea to this came up when my friends of the Austrian IPMS asked me to held a little lecture during the upcoming annual IPMS modelshow in Austria about how to model water.

So since I wanted to show how I do exactly that I wanted to build a little dio. And after some thinking about what I could do, this is what I came up with. A downed US Navy pilot “enjoying “ the ride of his lifetime in a dinghy during some stormy weather.
The water was done in my favorite way using toilet paper, wallpaper glue, lots of color and some Future/Pleadge or whatever that brew is called today. A very easy method that I still use today simply because I have never seen anything else which brings up better results.
I almost forgot, the scale is 1:72, as usual for me.

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  1. Very creative...can you expound on the method described, i.e. wallpaper glue, toilet paper, etc.? An alternative to the usual way of achieving a watery diorama I'm unfamiliar with.

  2. Great looking water - I can see why you were tagged to do a demo! When can we watch the YouTube video?

  3. I know of many similar methods to create water effects (some guarded secretly!) but this is one of the simplest and effective.

    Scrunched-up plastic kitchen wrap (Clingfilm in the UK) also makes good finishes using white glue and water (literally!).

    Very nice dio, Rene.

  4. Rene, glad to have you here at iModeler. I remember our meeting in Telford and the kind demonstration of your USS Missouri that you gave us. I find your dioramas (big or small) highly inspirational. Toilet paper and white glue for water? Would love to learn more about that technique. Cheers

  5. nice...please share your tecnique

  6. Very affective, and in 1/72

  7. Love to know how, I mean who doesn't have toilet paper! (Watch out though the price will go up now!)

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