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I live near Salzburg/Austria and since I was a boy my hobby has always been to build models. Snce I'm about 17 I'm specialized on US Navy ships and aircraft all in the same scale of 1:72. I'm doing this since quite a few years. My goal is to have one model of every type of aircraft ever flown with US Navy markings. Perhaps a rather big goal but at least I will try to accomplish this.
My biggest love is scratch building ships and dioramas. 2-3 times a year I go to modelshows most of all to meet new friends.
And believe it or not I'm still married!

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, overwhelm them with rivets!

Cheers to all



Scale 1:72 Building time: 69hrs Here is my latest creation, once again what I love the most: a diorama. After some changes I called this one “Deathtrap” for obvious reason. It depicts a few Marines which have discovered an abandoned [...]

USS Sangamon CVE-26 Scale 1:72, All Scratch

Hi there, well this model here has become something very special to me as you can imagine. I had the dream to build such a model for over 25 years until I finally felt confidet enough to built it. It took me 5 1/2 years or a bit over 4300 [...]

Grumman F9F-3 Panther with Emerson turret BuNo.122562 Patuxent River 1953 1:72

Hi there well my job is keeping me busy and due to this I cannot spend that much time with other work, so I hope you'll understand that I reserve my precious free time for building models. Fortunately I still have some couple of finished [...]

Hellcats, Hellcats nothing but Hellcats

Hi there, a few days ago it seemed as if all Hell had broken loose, nothing but Hellcats were seen right here. So I thought let's wait a little while until hey all think there are safe again and then... BANG! here they are back again, [...]

No place for mistakes

Hi there well it's about time for me to post some pictures of one of my latest projects. This is a rather big project where I took photos from the very start till the finish and finally my good friend Albert took several photos in his [...]

See you in Telford….

It's only 2 more days until I will start this years tour to Telford, which is about to start next Saturday. Since I'd like to put some models on display and since I live in Salzburg/Austria this is quite a trip. By car from Salzburg, to [...]

Oooh S**t!

Something like this can ruin your whole day… Scale 1:72 nothing else matters I think the title for this little dio doesn’t need any explanation The inspiration for this build came once again due to a picture which I found in a book. [...]

"Almost at home" Vought Corsair F4U-1A, 1:72

Hi there The idea for this little dio came up when I ran across a product called „prop blur“, a photo etched propeller, depicting nothing else but a rotating props. AA very simple but veeeeeeery clever product, I just loved it (and I [...]

Grumman F6F-5 Target Tow "One Hell of a ride Cat"

Here is my next cat, this time I've chosen a Hellcat in a rather unusual livery. During WWII several Hellcats, mostly refurbished models were used in the most exciting role as a traget tow aircraft. To give their pilots a chance for not [...]

Grumman XF6F-1 Hellcat, the "Copycat" 1:72

Hi there, this week I will start with a little series of one of my favorite aircraft, the Grumman Hellcat. During the years I have built several versions of this aircraft and I will show you a few of them, that is if you like. And which [...]