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Tamiya 1/48 Willys JEEP, FRANCE autumn 1944.

April 20, 2016 · in Armor · · 15 · 3K

Well there is completed another Willys in
added the extra details in resin .
HAULER 1/48 Browing M-2
windscreen in the coating,
And handwritten numbers with brush
no decals in the scale for this unit.

WILLYS JEEP . Reconnaissance unit FRANCE autumn 1944.


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  1. Amazing detail given the size...nice work, P.k.

  2. Wow - that's some nicely executed hand-lettering! Nice looking jeep.

  3. Great job,You must be an artist

  4. No former chimey sweep
    now a security guard in the logistic transport Company.
    with the permission of the Director
    You can build kit and paint by night shift.
    But I have 43+years of practice with the kit building


  5. Nice vignette!

  6. Very neat work, P.K. Do you use a jeep in your job as a security guard?

  7. Not my means of transport have legs bicycle ...
    I am a member of the reenactment club where we have a lot of vehicles from WWII.


  8. Mainly I TITO Partizan officer "Major" political commissar

    Occasionally, however, as a member of the No2 "British commandos are then operated on our territory WWII

  9. P.K, great work on the jeep. How many is that, so far?
    Love the uniforms, particularly as I've never seen anything from Titos Partisans, or not a complete as yours. What kind of submachinegun is that? It looks familiar, but the magazine seems different, if that makes any sense.

  10. Italian BARTETA M-38
    Such was wearing uncle fathers in Partisans
    Uniforms were from all corners of what they cover and blend civilian.
    I wear British battle dress model 1941 and the partisan styled pants from Italian jacket as time wore relative, of course, mandatory cap
    "TITOVKA" with a red five-pointed star symbol of freedom.

  11. wearing the rank of Major from the Army as a reservist in our group are all ex commander of officers

  12. P.K, thanks. I should have guessed, as the Italians were there. as well. Good to see that someone remembers the sacrifices made for freedom, back then.
    Your British battledress looks really complete, as well. Is that a KAR98 you're packing? Operating in the enemys rear, whatever came to hand was used, air drops being infrequent and chancy, at best.

  13. British commandos were carrying German weapons for the supply of ammunition and quality in our area when they conduct joint operations together with Tito Partisans against the occupiers and domestic traitors.
    my homeland, Slovenia occupied in APRIL 1941 Italy, Germany, Hungary, and a small part of NDHCroatia.
    With us, the war ended before 25 May 1945
    when he defeated the army of the E German Army with collaborators.
    they finally capitulated.

  14. P.K, thanks for educating me, there's not much in english accounts about the war in your area of the world.

    Over here, there are groups who do Civil War and French & Indian War, not much modern era that I've seen. So, it's fascinating to see whats on the link you sent, thanks for that! Tell you companions I'm envious and impressed.

    One of my college teachers had a civil war group (Confederates) and tried to enlist me. I'd just gotten out of the Army, to include my sojourn in Viet Nam, and I was surprisingly not interested.

    They were shocked, somehow.

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