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"The Boss"...70' Boss 429

April 7, 2016 · in Automotive · · 9 · 1.7K

Heres one I finished a while back Its an old 1:24 monagram 70' boss 429 kit..this one was actually the first time I ever used an airbrush to paint a model car. I used folkart metallic green acrylic..I saw some videos and read about how you can clear coat paint jobs with finish floor polish so I thought hey lets try it..I think it came out pretty nice if I do say so myself. I chose this color because it reminded me of a factory shade of green..This is my favorate of all mustangs even the new ones. I thought I'd add some attitude by putting the pegusus wheels and lowering the stance a bit hope you like it..PS..Come on guys! lets see somemore cars..I do enjoy the planes and military stuff but..More Cars..thanks

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  1. Beautiful! , '69&'70 'stang the best design. in my humble opinion.

  2. Nice work, those muscle cars.

  3. Tony, Another nice model as always. I have gotten to were I just look for your name and know I have to check it out. Always nice work. For your info (in case you don't already know). Future floor was is now Pledge floor care. It comes in a few verities but I found that the bottle with the blue rubber boots on the label is the closest I've found to the original. I'm sure their are a lot of us here that use the stuff and just as many suggestions on how to use it. I'm fairly new to using it myself, however I have had some very nice results (most of the time).

  4. You want more cars I got an old volare road runner mpc kit, got a slant six already built to put in it, when I get around to building the car. Loved the bullet proof mopar motor. Had a duster , scamp, volare and aspen wagon with that motor. I'll get to it after the phantom build.

  5. Hey thanks for the nice comments guys..much appreciated looking forward to seeing that volare slant 6..funny we had a duster with a 6..should have kept that car

  6. The Duster I had, rotted away, but she kept on running, just add oil. when the rear shock mounts went it was time. I should have kept the wagon.

  7. A proper car, although I have to say I prefer the earlier version as driven by Steve McQueen in Bullitt, but I'm certainly not complaining. I actually bought one of these back in the early seventies from a USAF guy returning home who couldn't afford to take it with him. I only kept it for about a week before passing it on, oh well, I guess we all make mistakes. Anyway, back to your model, beautiful finish, lovely wheels, did they really have ventilated discs back then? As you say, let's have more cars (and motorcycles)!

  8. Love the Mustang, and brings back old memories! When our family was stationed at Maxwell AFB for 5 years, one of my best friends bought one that looked exactly like this, except perhaps just a tad darker green. Still remember cruising the strip with him in good ole Prattville, AL!

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